How to Order a Mat Board Treatment For Floating Art

Floating art” is the technique of laying artwork on top of an uncut mat board (a mat without a window). This style comes in handy when the image extends to the very edges of the paper or the paper itself has a decorative edge and you don’t want the mat to cover any of it, as it must when using the traditional mat window.

It’s very easy to order a treatment for floating art, but it is a little bit different from ordering a treatment with a traditional mat window.

To order:

1. Measure your art

2. Add the entire border width you’d like to see to the art size. This will be your frame size. (In our example we’re using 2” borders, so we’ll add 4” total to our art size.)

3. On our website, choose your frame, then click “buy this frame” to start the framing engine.

4. From the SIZE tab, click “enter frame size” and enter your frame size (artwork + borders). In our case, our artwork size is 9 5/8” x 9 5/8” and we want 2” on each side, so our frame size is 13 5/8” x 13 5/8”.

choose to enter by frame size

5. Now click on the MAT tab and select “No cut” under “Choose mat board cut type.” (You can see under the image of the frame that the mat dimensions will be the same dimension as the frame size.)

choose no cut
6. Continue placing the order as usual and checkout when ready.

Keep in mind, when you float art on top of a mat board, the mat no longer provides airspace between your art and the glazing, so we recommend using spacers for these projects. Without spacers, the glazing (i.e. acrylic) will lay directly on the paper artwork and over time the artwork may adhere to it, causing damage. When using spacers, make sure to choose a frame with a rabbet deep enough to accommodate them.

Have you ever floated a piece of artwork in a framing treatment? There are so many fun options when trying this type of treatment: try fun colors, wide borders, or drop bottoms.  Share your images with us!

AubreyK | 3/27/2015 12:51:33 PM | 2 comments
American Frame
No catch! It really is that easy.
3/27/2015 2:49:05 PM

I find it hard to believe this is that easy. There has to be a catch.
3/27/2015 2:21:50 PM