Did You Know: Oversize Mat Board is Now Online

Oversize mat board is now available for purchase on our website. In the past, you had to give us a call to place an order for an oversize piece of mat board. Now it’s been added straight into the workflow.
There are two ways to access the oversize mat board category.

How to Find and Order Oversize Mat Board

Accessing oversize mat board through accessories:

1. From the homepage, hover over the “picture frame accessories” tab.

AmericanFrame.com homepage

2. Click on “mat board.” From the mat board page, click on “oversize mat board.”

mat board homepage

3. The four color options appear. Click the magnifying glass to see a closer view, or click on the swatch to be taken to a more detailed mat page.

over size mat board category

4. From the detailed page, enter the mat board dimensions that you need. Oversize mats are any size that is over 32˝ x 40˝. Keep this in mind: We cannot ship anything over 90 united inches. This means that the total of the height + width must equal less than 90 inches.

black oversize mat board

5. Once the oversize dimensions have been added, a message will appear on the screen alerting you that you will be charged an oversize handling fee. Click “OK.”

oversize handling fee message

6. Click “Add To Cart.”

add mat board to cart

Alternative Way to Access Oversize Mat Board Category

Accessing mat board through the framing engine:

The second way to access oversize mat boards is through the framing engine.

1. If you’re in the framing engine and you add oversize dimensions to the frame or mat board, a message will appear:

The size for Mat Board E4709 is invalid. The maximum size is 30 x 38. Please choose an oversize mat from our oversize mat category on the mat tab.

Your package is over 54 united inches (height + width). An oversize handling fee will be in your total at checkout.

You will not be allowed to add this package to your cart until you remove or resize these items.

invalid size message

2. Click “OK.”

3. Click on the “mat” tab in the workflow to be taken to the mat page.

mat tab

4. From the mat type options, choose “Oversize.”

5. The oversize options will appear in the color wheel. Choose from one of the available options and adjust the borders as needed.

oversize mats in the workflow

6. You will see the oversize board is now listed in the package details.

frame package details

7. Continue through the workflow, changing the acrylic, mounting board, and adding accessories if you wish. Click “add package to cart” to begin the checkout process.

8. From the cart, you may continue shopping or proceed to secure checkout to complete the order.


Ordering oversize mat boards is now super convenient and easy! It’s a task that can be completed while you’re already in the framing workflow, or if you need a mat only, can be easily accessed from the accessories tab on the homepage.

Of course, we love to make framing a DIY activity, but if you ever have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us or connect with us in the comments.

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American Frame

We're glad you enjoy the blog! Keep checking back for more and more articles.
5/14/2014 12:34:01 PM

nice one...liked your blog very much..keep it up:)
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American Frame

We're excited that they're now online too! We'd love to add more colors, it's something we will have to look in to.
4/4/2014 2:35:40 PM

Happy to see the oversize mats on the website. Any chance of adding a few more colors?
4/4/2014 12:53:54 PM