Measuring a Canvas for Framing Artwork

Today we answer a customer question about measuring a canvas for framing.

Q: Hello. I'm interested in purchasing a frame for a 36"x48" canvas painting. I've gone through a sample run on your "Frame Engine" which seems pretty straight-forward. I just wanted to ask if I need to include any special instructions (other than canvas border size) that will insure that the frame I order will properly fit my canvas (i.e. canvas thickness, etc.). And once I receive the frame, would I receive any special instructions or hardware specifically pertaining to mounting my canvas to the frame?

A: We recommend measuring stretched canvas across the top and bottom at the corners where it is folded.  This is the size frame you should order unless you are using a floater frame, then you can add up to 1/2 inch to the size to create a 1/4 inch float around the canvas.  When choosing a frame you will need to check the "R" measurement or Rabbet as this measurement indicates the thickness of art the frame will hold.  If your canvas is 3/4 inches thick the "R" measurement has to be at least 3/4 inches.   All frames come with instructions for attaching the hardware which is also included, except picture frame wire which can be purchased separately. 

measuring canvas thickness

AubreyK | 1/16/2015 1:28:17 PM | 4 comments
American Frame
Hi Ashlee! Here is a full length tutorial on how to attach the canvas within the frame:
2/17/2015 11:37:21 AM

How do I attach my canvas to a floater frame?
2/11/2015 10:38:14 AM

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You would not be able to use a canvas floater for a canvas board, but you could use a number of other frames and frame it like you would any other piece of art!
1/19/2015 1:33:44 PM

What if I have a canvas board which is only 3/8" thick?
1/16/2015 2:38:13 PM