We're Hiring - Sales Manager Needed

We are looking to add a Sales Manager to our team at American Frame. See the full job description for more details.

Purpose of the Position:

The Sales Manager will leverage sales opportunities through the various channels at American Frame (Showroom, Customer Service Team, Social Media) to drive revenue for the company. The Sales Manager will be part of the Marketing Team and reports to the President of Sales & Marketing. The career path is to Director of Sales at American Frame and eventually on to VP of Sales.

Specifically, the Sales Manager will:

• Manage Showroom including staff, merchandising, events, and P&L
• Work with the Marketing Team to help drive traffic into the Showroom
• Manage large and/or complex sales opportunities that  are presented to the company and track these opportunities through fruition working with the Customer Service team
• Help monitor the Customer Service email feeds and provide constructive support on email responses
• Assist with coaching the Customer Service Team in applying current sales techniques to enhance the team member’s and the customer’s experience
• Create and implement incentive programs to drive sales companywide
• Create PowerPoint presentations for both internal and external reporting and training
• Provide monthly reports on sales activities, challenges and budgets
• Participate in weekly Marketing Meetings
• Attend offsite art related events and tradeshows as requested
• Assists the President of Sales & Marketing in special projects that may arise

Requisite Working Knowledge of:

• Sales communications techniques, management, forecasting and reporting
• The principles of business and management and principles involved in strategic planning, resource allocation, leadership technique, and coordination of people and resources


• Strong sales, writing and presentation skills
• Proficiency in  Excel, Word and PowerPoint
• Strong project management skills including project planning, people and resource management, budgeting, charting, meeting critical dates and subsequent reporting

Personal Qualities:

• Must possess ability to engage others through clear speech and active listening
• Must display a strong, positive attitude, work ethic and commitment to deadlines
• Must be able to think strategically and act resourcefully when presented with difficult circumstances that affect company goals and deadlines
• Willingness to understand and participate in social media activities, mainly via LinkedIn, LinkedIn Groups, Twitter, Google + and the Company Facebook page
• Critical thinker: must demonstrate the ability to integrate and use new information as it relates to problem solving and decision making
• Team player: demonstrate the ability to put the goals of team ahead of personal priorities
• Complex problem solver:  demonstrate the ability to identify complex problems and use judgment as it pertains to reviewing related information to develop and evaluate options, determine strengths and weaknesses of alternative courses of actions, and implement solutions that align with goals and deadlines

Education & Experience:

• Bachelors Degree in Business or Arts related field of study preferred
• Minimum of 8 years professional sales experience


• This is a full time position, 40 hr/week minimum
• Flexible work schedule

Physical Requirements:

• Neat, professional appearance
• Must be able to interact with the public for a minimum of 8 hours/workday
• Must be able to focus on computer work for a minimum of 8 hours/workday
• Must be able to sit and work for a minimum of 8 hours/workday


• Salary
• Bonus


• American Frame provided health care with 77% assist with premium on basic plan and 72% assist on premium plan.
• IRA for employees who have been with the company over two years and earned over $5000.00.
• 15 Personal Use Days (3 weeks)

Primary location will be at the American Frame Showroom, Arrowhead Park, 400 Tomahawk Drive, Maumee, OH with a satellite office at  1684 Woodlands Drive Suite 400, Arrowhead Park, Maumee, OH 43537.

To apply, fill out an application in our Maumee Showroom (400 Tomahawk Drive, Maumee, Ohio, 43537). If you have any questions, please contact Cheryl Sharp at cheryls@americanframe.com or call 419-887-8020. No resumes please!

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