Ordering an Oversized Frame

Today we answer a customer question about ordering an oversized frame.

Q: I am looking to frame a print that is the following dimensions 74" X 56". There would be no matting necessary. Is this something that is available?

A: The largest frame we can cut is 80” x 80” so we can accommodate your size of 74” x 56.” However, we do have a UPS shipping limitation of 90 united inches (width + height) so if you are considering a wood frame, it would have to ship to you unassembled. Our metal frames always ship unassembled.   I would also encourage you to purchase extra spring clips and hanging loops, and use a different wiring application as shown in the link below, to help support the frame. The same method can be used for a metal frame by using additional hanging loops. http://www.americanframe.com/blogs/ask-mike/february-2014/wiring-an-oversized-wood-frame.aspx

ordering oversize frame online

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AubreyK | 12/17/2014 11:48:13 AM | 6 comments
American Frame
Wood frames typically come assembled. Metal frames do not, unless you order a print and frame package, then you can opt to have everything assembled for you.
2/17/2015 11:33:47 AM

I do not have time to assemble frames. Can I pay extra to have my metal frame assembled?
2/11/2015 10:37:07 AM

American Frame
In the framing engine, under the "frame" tab, click in the box that says "please ship unassembled"
12/30/2014 8:58:58 AM

American Frame
That is definitely something we can do. You can see our selection of shadow box frames here: http://www.americanframe.com/departments/metal-picture-frames/metal-picture-frame-collections/shadow-box.aspx
12/30/2014 8:57:09 AM

toni b.
I need a shadow box frame 20 x 25 inches
can u accommodate me?
12/26/2014 12:42:33 AM

How does one request to ship a frame unassembled?
12/19/2014 9:51:13 AM