How to Repair Scratched Acrylic

If you have the right framing tools at your disposal, repairing scratched acrylic is a simple task.

We suggest a scratch remover kit, which helps eliminate scuffs and scratches and includes a 2 oz. bottle of cleaner, fine and heavy scratch remover and cleaning cloth.

novus 1, 2, and 3

To see it in action and how to use it, view our video tutorial:

For scratch-free acrylic, follow these steps:

1: Start with a generous amount of Novus number 3. Wipe thoroughly in one direction using the provided cloth.

2: Use a generous amount of Novus number 2 and wipe thoroughly in a circular direction.

3: Apply Novus number 1 and buff to a thorough clean and shine.

A few simple, inexpensive tools can mean the difference between showing your art at its best and letting a prized image languish in the closet or go unnoticed behind a marred piece of acrylic.  Stock your tool kit now and you’ll always be prepared to swipe away those little imperfections that get in the way.

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