Do You Sell Glass?

We get this question a lot. The simple answer is this: we do not sell glass; instead, we sell acrylic (also known as glazing or plexiglass).

We believe acrylic is the best choice because it’s shatterproof, distortion free and lightweight.  Weight is an important factor because lighter frames require less support, which means fewer holes in your walls and less risk of a treatment falling and damaging the frame or artwork.

At American Frame, we offer four different types of acrylic. Each kind has different properties that you might find appealing for protecting your artwork.

acrylic properties chart

Take note: acrylic should be cleaned with special acrylic cleaner or water and a soft cloth. Glass cleaners can create a haze on your acrylic.

While many people assume when they see art framed professionally in galleries and elsewhere that the material protecting the image is glass, in fact it’s most often acrylic because professionals have long recognized its benefits.  So when you design your treatment here at American Frame, rest assured you are working with the highest quality, time-tested materials and can look forward to all the worry-free benefits acrylic has to offer.

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