Do I Always Need A Mounting Board?

An important function of a mounting board (also called foam core) is to act as a surface for mounting art on paper, but even when you don’t plan to mount your artwork, we recommend using a mounting board in your frame.

The main reason is that mounting boards makes excellent, sturdy backs for our custom-cut frames, which would otherwise be open.  While a paper dustcover may keep out light debris, the thicker, stiffer mounting board actually prevents artwork from being torn or otherwise damaged, especially when art is being moved or in storage.  Some customers have asked if using corrugated cardboard as a back is sufficient, but we recommend against this because it has acid and can damage artwork over time.

We carry four types of mounting board suitable for a number of different purposes: standard, archival, self-adhesive, and black foam core mounting board.

grades of mounting board

Mounting boards are inexpensive insurance that protect delicate works on paper, important mementos and expensively printed photographs.  You’ll never regret this small investment in a well-done professional treatment.

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Gatorboard is thicker than mounting board. It also has a little sturdier face to it.
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