Canvas Types and Wraps – Prints on Canvas

At American Frame, we offer giclee printing services of digital images on both canvas and paper.

The canvas we use has a smooth, bright white, fine art matte finish. When you order a print on canvas from us, we recommend that you order it laminated. This provides maximum UV protection and scratch resistance. Choose UV Matte lamination for a soft finish or UV Luster lamination for a higher sheen.

Epson Exhibition Canvas Matte

Stretching options:

types of canvas wraps

Prints on canvas, just like original artwork, are usually stretched around wooden “stretcher bars” in order to create the stiff, self-supporting product we see in galleries and art shops.  However, you can also order a canvas un-stretched if you wish to frame or stretch it yourself.

We offer three methods of canvas stretching or wrapping: gallery, museum, and standard. (Note: we don’t stretch canvas that wasn’t ordered from us.)


  • The image is centered and wrapped around 1 ½” stretcher bars on all 4 sides and stapled to the back
  • Ideal when objects are centered in the middle of the image with a lot of background on all sides
  • Can be displayed without a frame


  • The image is centered with white borders on 1 ½” stretcher bars and wrapped around and stapled to the back
  • Recommended when objects are near to the edge of the image and shouldn’t be wrapped around and stapled to the back
  • Can be displayed without a frame


  • The image is centered on ¾” stretcher bars and stapled to all four sides
  • Recommended when the canvas will be framed

What kind of stretching method do you prefer? Or would you rather order an un-stretched canvas and have it framed? Share your tips, tricks, blunders and victories with us.  We want to know what you know about stretching canvas.

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