We Offer Three Types of Canvas Wraps

We offer three types of canvas wraps at American Frame, each type finished slightly different from the others. Today we explain the different ways each type of canvas is finished.

Q: How is the back of the gallery wrapped print finished. Is it covered with a hanger attached?

A: When we finish the back of gallery wrapped canvases, we staple the canvas to the back of the stretcher bar and cut off the access canvas pieces. It is left open in the back with a wire attached.

Museum wrapped canvases are finished the same as gallery wrapped canvases. However, standard canvas wraps are done differently. Standard canvases use ¾” stretcher bars instead of the 1 ½” bars that both gallery and museum use. Staples are placed on the sides as opposed to the back of stretcher bars.

types of canvas

AubreyK | 4/7/2015 2:36:02 PM | 2 comments
American Frame
Yes, that can definitely be done!
4/28/2015 1:52:02 PM

So if I want to have a wire put on the back of a standard stretched canvas, can I do that?
4/10/2015 2:21:14 PM