The Basic Tools Every Framer Needs

Stock up on some simple tools to make all your DIY picture framing projects a pleasure. When we frame, our objective is to give ourselves professional results, which is very simple with the right supplies. Our primary goals in the framing process should be to use tools that feel good in our hands, keep the dust out of the work area and the art, to properly secure our art in the frame so it holds up over time and to keep the work polished and protected once you hang it up.

  1. A good ruler for accurately measuring your art for framing. We recommend the Alumnicutter professional ruler in 18” and 30” lengths for precision measuring and ordering of your custom frame materials.


    silver alumnicutter 18 inch ruler
  2. A medium sized flat head screw driver that fits nicely into your hands. This will simplify joining the corners of metal frames with the Nielsen® hardware we provide, and attaching clips into the backs of your wood frames (unless you decide to invest in a point driver).


    metal frame assembly hardware


  3. A roll of Kraft paper,helpful for protecting your table top and providing a clean work surface for framing.


    roll of dust cover paper


  4. A static whisk brush for removing any dust that may be present as you’re framing. This brush is especially helpful in keeping particles off the acrylic as you frame.

    static whisk brush
  5. A strong double sided tape for attaching mat boards within the frame treatment, also handy for attaching art to backing boards.


    roll of hand applied transfer tape
  6.  A good acrylic cleaner and  anti-static cloth for polishing and protecting the work after the assembly is complete.

    bottle of acrylic cleaner

Have questions on any of these suggestions? Post them here to share.

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