DIY Picture Framing Enhancements

American Frame currently has 321 different mouldings in our line-up. We routinely remove and add selections as trends come and go.

Customizing Frames with Paint Markers

It is a challenging task to stock DIY picture framing items that will fit everyone’s needs. So, as you look over our selections, let your imagination take over. You may not find the exact one, but several are close. To your eye, one may need a little silver. Another might be dazzling with some gold added.
You, as the DIY framer can easily add those, and other colors to any of our moldings to enhance your framing project.

Try using Paint Markers

Gold Paint Markers

Paint markers are similar to magic markers, but contain opaque paint. Being opaque they show up well on black and other dark surfaces. They come in a variety of colors and are available at hobby, craft, and art supply stores.

Before and After Frame Samples

Below are some before and after examples of simple touches.
Picture Frame Molding Samples

We took our 28701 black moulding (#1) and added a silver stripe (#2). Just a small touch adds a lot to the molding. Look at the other samples above. #2 has a gold stripe added and additional gold decorates the square buttons on #3.

Small Touches of Gold Paint

Fruit Wood Molding Sample
Molding 38711 fruitwood (#5) can be used when framing certificates and diplomas. Put a small touch of gold (#6) on it to pick up on the gold seal or printing on the document. It will look sharp on the finished project.

DIY picture framing makes you the frame artist. You may add extra touches as you wish. The molding you ordered doesn’t have to stay the same as it came out of the box. Give it a try.

Free moulding samples are available for experimenting.

Happy Framing.

Show Us Your Framing Artistry

After you have tried your hand at decorating frames with paint, please share a picture or two with us here or on our Fanpage, we love to see your creativity!

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