Framing Artwork with a Wood Frame: When to Use a Point Driver

We recommend using a point driver when securing artwork into a wood frame (but not for use with wood canvas floaters), to secure a linen liner into a wood frame, and also to secure a canvas stretcher bar into a wood frame.

Mike Cromly | 1/28/2014 10:31:08 AM | 2 comments

DIY Picture Framing Enhancements

American Frame currently has 321 different mouldings in our line-up. We routinely remove and add selections as trends come and go.

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The Basic Tools Every Framer Needs

Stock up on some simple tools to make all your DIY picture framing projects a pleasure. When we frame, our objective is to give ourselves professional results, which is very simple with the right supplies. Our primary goals in the framing process should be to use tools that feel good in our hands, keep the dust out of the work area and the art, to properly secure our art in the frame so it holds up over time and to keep the work polished and protected once you hang it up.

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The Anatomy of a Picture Frame

This post discusses the various frame components that may be included in any picture frame treatment and the order in which they should typically appear within the rabbet of your frame. Starting from the top there is the acrylic and mat board, followed by the artwork and the mounting board. Pretty simple, right? Each category contains a number of products that may seem confusing if you’re new to framing or are not familiar with the industry terms. Let’s discuss them in detail.


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