Expert Advice on Hanging Picture Frame Wall Groupings

Creating gallery walls or wall groupings can be a great project to interject some excitement into your home. If you have enough artwork or photographs to create a gallery wall, use this as an opportunity to be playful by mixing picture frame styles and colors, if you wish.

1. Decide on the look you want to achieve. Do you want all the frames to match each other in style or do you want to create an eclectic mix of colors, styles and textures?

2. Gather all the framed pieces and trace the outline of each frame onto pieces of kraft paper.

3. Tape the pieces of kraft paper to the wall and play around with the arrangement until it looks balanced or fits the look you are trying to achieve. This will save you the time and frustration of putting a ton of nail holes into the walls, only to want to move the piece around later.

gallery wall with kraft paper

4. Once the layout is the way you like, start placing the nails into the wall, leaving the kraft paper up as a template as you go. When all the nails have been positioned, remove the kraft paper and hang your art!

5. Admire your handy work.

Have you hung a gallery wall of picture frames in your home? What techniques did you use? Share your experience with us in the comments!

AubreyK | 12/12/2014 9:33:36 AM | 8 comments
American Frame
That is such a sweet surprise that she's sure to love and she'll love it even more if you use this method and avoid putting a million nail holes in the walls! Good luck with your project!
10/5/2015 2:37:10 PM

Carter Michaelson
Hanging paper on the wall is such a smart and unique idea. My wife and I took some couples photos a few weeks ago and I wanted to surprise her by getting the custom framing done and hanging them up in our living room. I have thought about doing them in a big group but I didn't know how. This method will definitely work for me, thank you for sharing this awesome solution!
10/2/2015 7:33:54 PM

American Frame
Thanks Rachelle, let us know how it goes!!
7/24/2015 3:28:56 PM

American Frame
Thanks for the comment Jessy! This is just a simple and easy to way to visualize your frames before adding a bunch of unnecessary holes in your walls.
7/24/2015 3:28:08 PM

Jessy Shaw
Wow, this is such a great idea! My husband always gets a little nervous whenever I start putting things in the wall and I know that this would give him some peace of mind. We love living here in Washington DC and I have been doing my best to decorate our home. I am looking for someone to help me with picture framing and I will definitely use this idea when I hang them up. Thanks for sharing!
7/24/2015 12:06:51 PM

Rachelle Reeves
Thanks for the tips! I like the idea of cutting out the shape of the picture on paper and then putting it on the wall. That really helps visualize what it is going to look like. I have a few different rooms I will try that in.
7/6/2015 11:56:46 AM

American Frame
It's a great way to NOT destroy your walls too!
12/12/2014 11:29:32 AM

Especially helpful for us visually oriented artists! Such an easy solution!
12/12/2014 10:29:29 AM

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