Eco-friendly Practices in our Plant

At American Frame we strive to be a proactively eco-friendly company. Like all companies, we have waste, so our goal is to reduce and reuse as much as possible.


To reduce our footprint, one of the things we do is recycle. The items we recycle include:

• Corrugated cardboard
• Plexiglas
• Aluminum from metal mouldings (e.g., cuts, dust)
• Office paper, magazines and newspapers
• Plastic bottles
• Plastic banding
• Fluorescent tubes
• Used batteries
• Ink and toner cartridges
• Unusable wood pallets (which are made into mulch)

In 2013, we recycled 5 tons of aluminum scrap, 30 tons of corrugated cardboard and 8.5 tons of Plexiglas.

In addition to recycling, we examine our facilities and processes for opportunities to conserve energy.

Our biggest change to date is our white roof, which reduces heating and cooling needs.

white eco friendly roof

Within our community, we donate usable leftover mat board and frames to schools and other art programs.

We also participate in UPS’Carbon Neutral Fund which you can read more about here
UPS carbon neutral logo

As always, if you have any questions contact us by calling (800) 537-0944 or email

Also see our article on how to reuse our packaging for more eco-friendly ideas!

AubreyK | 4/14/2014 12:03:23 PM | 3 comments
we also recycle aluminum cans. don't forget that!
4/15/2014 1:44:52 PM

American Frame

We strive to be an eco-friendly company and to lead by example. Thanks for your comment!
4/15/2014 9:03:21 AM

Thank you for being so eco-friendly! I wish more companies cared about that. Keep up the good work :)
4/15/2014 8:36:40 AM

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