January Wrap Up – Farewell to DIY Custom Frame Month

Before I delve into this month’s theme, I want to thank everyone who joined in on our first annual National DIY Custom Frame Month celebration in January. With the launch of the new website and our 40th anniversary behind us, we wanted to begin 2014 with a new kind of tradition: a dedicated, focused timeframe to finish up any lingering projects, think through future ones and learn new DIY skills along the way.

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Framing Concert Memorabilia

Last November my family experienced a one-of-a-kind evening when my brother, Mark Mikel, a professional musician, held a 35th Anniversary Concert here in our hometown of Toledo. As a family who loves art, including the audible kind, we were very proud to watch Mark’s talent and dedication celebrated alongside fellow musicians and long-time fans.  I particularly liked the event poster Mark created and wanted to hang it along with the event’s press pieces as a keepsake on our family’s “hall of fame.”

See Framing Concert Memorabilia: Part 2 

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The American Frame YouTube Channel

Today I’d like to point out a resource that may be helpful to you as you custom frame your own art: the American Frame YouTube Channel. Here you will find a full library of video tutorials offering a wealth of information related to DIY picture framing.

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Restorations Picture Frames with a Rustic Chic Look

Over the next few months, we are launching a series of new picture frames and the first one for 2014 is a collection by Nurre Caxton called ‘Restorations’.  These frames will fit nicely into the new ‘Rustic Chic’ aesthetic that is gaining popularity in interior design. It’s a sophisticated, minimalist take on the old American Farmhouse Country style, where traditionally rustic furnishings in natural or antiqued wood tones are incorporated into modern living spaces;  it’s a refined and elegant approach to blending the old with the new, the substantial weighty furnishings in spare environments.

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Framing Wrigley Field: Part 2

In Part 1 of this story, I invited you to join me as I get to some personal framing projects I am trying to finish for our National DIY Picture Framing Month. In the previous piece I described this photo of Wrigley Field I’ve neglected for 3 years now, and with the piece designed and the materials received, I finally framed it last evening.

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In honor of Dr. King

In honor of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., I am posting his speech in its entirety, so that anyone who comes across my blog will easily be able to read and refer to it. Over the years, I’ve read it many times, and every time I find it to be more inspiring, more profound and poetic. Freedom and Equal Opportunity: our most fundamental American values. Pass it on.

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Framing Wrigley Field: Part 1

In my inaugural video blog last week, I promised that for DIY Framing Month, I would get on the bandwagon with you and finish some framing together. So here is the first project I’d like to share: framing Wrigley Field. This photo was a gift given to my husband (Reid) from one of his colleagues about 2 years ago. Reid, a Chicago native and diehard Cubs fan, wanted this piece framed for his office. Should be simple right? Wrong! Remember the tale of the shoemaker whose kids had no shoes? Apply it to framing. Our stuff gets done last.

See Framing Wrigley Field: Part 2

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Happy New Year! Let’s Frame It Up!

I hope you all had a happy and exciting holiday. Ours was lovely and spent close to home due to the Web conversion that American Frame completed on December 27, 2013. I cannot tell you how grateful I am for your support and feedback during the process. It allowed us to thoroughly de-bug our system during the “soft-launch” period and now we are up and running.

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