Introducing Deco Metal Frames, Nielsen Profile 28

This week we are absolutely delighted to present this beautiful new collection of metal picture frames: Nielsen® ‘Decos’. Once again, Nielsen® delights and surprises, which is why I have forever been a loyal fan.

Inspired by the lines and materials used in Art Deco design, this collection brings retro style to modern spaces in soft muted colors.

“Modern life, now so technical, causes the soul to yearn for that which is rustic, simple, traditional and pure. Neutralizing bright colors, homeowners will be using softer shades of natural, organic colors to pair with last year’s pops of color”. – Susan Losco, Marketing Manager, Nielsen Bainbridge

The unique translucent hues, along with classic silver and black, work extremely well in a variety of design aesthetics. We will be offering  Frosted Silver, Chocolate, Midnight, Black, Peat and Gunmetal and will be happy to special order the Laurel and Old Gold upon request.






Please let me emphasize: these colors are absolutely gorgeous! I recommend ordering sample chips of the series, which we offer for free. The finishes have a depth and luminosity that command attention while still allowing the art to be the star of the show. Their ¾” depth makes them useful for a extensive range of materials, including standard stretched canvases and linen liners, which is not something I usually recommend for metal frames.  However, with this collection’s rounded, carved shape (common with traditional woods), it would be a stunning, creative use of both the frame and the liner for art on canvas, as well as matted paintings, drawings and photography.

In our view, the Decos offer the ideal transitional profile among metal frames.  Much like its cousin, Nielsen's® Reflections, the shape and finish will prove equally at home in industrial cool, rustic chic and modern minimalism.

Try them out at a discount through March 5th and be sure to share what you think. We'd love to know.

AubreyK | 2/19/2014 9:29:27 AM | 2 comments
American Frame
Absolutely! Ordering samples is one of the best ways to make sure you're getting what you really love. We also have 360 degree views of each frame on our website, which is another helpful tool in determining which frames will work best for you.
2/24/2014 7:59:56 AM

Melissa Weatherford
I really like that you can order the sample chips to see what the colors are before you buy! That is a wonderful idea. These frames look modern and like they would hold up well. #framelove
2/23/2014 4:58:33 PM

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