Get a Gallery Look with the Right Frame

We’ve seen this image time and time again over the internet as an example of show-stopping frame design. It’s a beautiful representation of a gallery wall with a punch of color. And we want to show you how to easily get the look with four of our different frames at

First up is our  TW250. This  is a metal frame in our Twilight Collection, called Merlot Red. This frame features smooth lines and a matte finish and is probably the closest to achieving the look above. 


Red Twilight metal frame with black and white photography

The image used is called “ Pier 14- Myrtle Beach, South Carolina” by Julie Bostian.

Although the photograph is not included in the following prices, you can purchase it or others like it in our Art Gallery.

Along with the Twilight Frame, we chose AlphaEssentials mat 8740 White, a continuous core, acid-free, conservation mat board.  We also used standard acrylic, which is lightweight, acid free, and economical and standard mounting board for a total of:  $74.72

For these examples, the outer dimensions of the frame, mat, acrylic, and mounting board are 14 ¾  x 20 ¼.  For smaller or larger frames, the prices would be adjusted accordingly.

Next, we have a frame from our EcoCare collection, frame 84711 in Crimson.


EcoCare wood frame with black and white photograph

This option, similar to our first option, features a chic wood frame with red tones. This is a responsibly harvested, recyclable moulding that uses water based stains and gessos. Great for the eco-minded framer!

We chose the same mat, acrylic, and mounting board for a total cost of: $55.96

Third, we feature our Radius Colorcast in Right Red, frame RC55:


Radius Colorcast red metal frame

Although much more vivid than the first two options, this frame could be a great choice for someone who loves brighter, bolder colors. This moulding is very economical and features a lively red finish.
Again, we used the same mat, acrylic, and mounting board for a total cost of: $46.34.

And finally, we have our Standard Plus 3 frame in Tornado Red:


Standard Plus 3 red metal picture frame

This moulding, very similar to the Radius Colorcast, stands over an inch off the wall and has an unusual return on the face of the frame which gives it a recessed appearance.  The total cost of this frame, using the same materials as the others, comes in with a final cost of: $50.06.

Choosing one of these frames in a variety of sizes can add color, interest and dimension to a space that may be lacking. For art lovers, artists, or someone who loves collecting and framing mementos, this is great way to showcase all of your favorite images or collections for everyone to enjoy!

AubreyK | 2/12/2014 7:30:00 AM | 4 comments
American Frame
Thanks Susan. Keep checking back each week for more great tutorials, techniques and applications.
2/25/2014 2:18:56 PM

susan smoaks
i enjoy your blog and i love to read about frames. #framelove
2/24/2014 8:23:46 PM

American Frame
It looks so high end, right?
2/14/2014 1:12:50 PM

Michelle Weaver
I love the photography and the black and white with a red frame. #framelove
2/14/2014 1:09:03 PM

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