Creating Art Gallery Buzz & Tracking Sales, Part 3

The last of this month’s focus on our Art Gallery is about how to promote and track the sale of your work.

Previously, I provided an overview of:

The Art Gallery’s Purpose;-create-enhance-your-free-galle.aspx

How to Set Up a Gallery,-part-1.aspx

Tips on Preparing, Uploading and Tagging Work–-part-2.aspx

Now comes the fun part: using the gallery to create “buzz” about your work. Here are ten easy ways to get started.

1 Search for your gallery on the Web using several search engines, most importantly Google and Bing, and click on it to make sure it appears and links properly. (To do so, copy and paste your gallery’s link, also known as the URL or Web address, into the search engine. The URL is found in the location bar at the top when you are viewing your gallery at In the search engine results, click on your link.)

2 Link to your gallery from your own website and indicate to customers that American Frame is the place to purchase archival prints of your work.

3 Link to your gallery from social media accounts and your blog. (Art collectors often use LinkedIn to search for artists, so establishing a LinkedIn profile should be a top priority.)

4 Add your gallery’s URL (Web address) to business cards.

5 Write a press release announcing the opening of your online gallery and email it to me: Our editor will proofread and make appropriate changes, then circulate the release nationally on your behalf and post work from your gallery on our social media. (If you don’t feel comfortable producing a press release, email me for other advice.)

6 Email your press release to patrons, colleagues, and friends. Ask them to browse your gallery and provide feedback. You’ll be promoting the gallery and gathering tips on improving it at the same time.

7 Run periodic sales or promotions. The commission you set on each image can be changed as often as you like. If you want to run a promo for 50% off, simply change the prices in the gallery and advertise the sale to those on your email list. Be sure to include an end date and adjust your prices after the sale ends.

8 Use your gallery to fundraise for a cause. Choose images to offer for sale in connection with a donation to your favorite charity. Indicate the donation in the image’s description and promote the image in connection with the charity on your website and social media. This is a ‘”feel good” way to use your talents and promote your work.

9 When you have a physical exhibit, take high quality photographs of your work and send them to our social media coordinator: She will post on American Frame’s social media and link back to your gallery.

To track the momentum all these efforts are creating, go to your account profile.

I hope this month’s discussion of the Art Gallery was informative. Let me know if you have any other questions. I truly hope the gallery will be an indispensable part of promoting and selling your work for many years to come. Thanks for reading, and please keep visiting the blog for more news and tips.


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