Creating Art Gallery Buzz & Tracking Sales, Part 3

The last of this month’s focus on our Art Gallery is about how to promote and track the sale of your work.

Previously, I provided an overview of:

The Art Gallery’s Purpose;-create-enhance-your-free-galle.aspx

How to Set Up a Gallery,-part-1.aspx

Tips on Preparing, Uploading and Tagging Work–-part-2.aspx

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Introducing Deco Metal Frames, Nielsen Profile 28

This week we are absolutely delighted to present this beautiful new collection of metal picture frames: Nielsen® ‘Decos’. Once again, Nielsen® delights and surprises, which is why I have forever been a loyal fan.

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Get a Gallery Look with the Right Frame

We’ve seen this image time and time again over the internet as an example of show-stopping frame design. It’s a beautiful representation of a gallery wall with a punch of color. And we want to show you how to easily get the look with four of our different frames at

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Framing Concert Memorabilia: Part 2

I’m in the process of designing a frame treatment for my brother, Mark Mikel's, 35th Anniversary Concert poster and press articles. Last week, I showed the first steps I took in planning my treatment, which involved recording the measurements of everything I was going to frame. This has to be done first, before you choose a frame.

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Setting Up Your Art Gallery – Part 2

Welcome back. In the first part of this series, I reviewed the purpose of the American Frame Online Gallery and the steps one should take to get started. Today, I will go over all the basics of image preparation - to achieve the best results for your art printing, upload, tagging for search and pricing.

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The American Frame Art Gallery, Part 1

For the next few weeks, I’ll mostly be blogging about American Frame’s online art gallery. Today you will learn the purpose of the gallery, different ways to use it, how to set up an account and how create an effective artist profile.

See Setting Up Your Art Gallery – Part 2 and Creating Art Gallery Buzz and Tracking Sales, Part 3

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Online Art Gallery; Create & Enhance Your Free Gallery

My name is Laura Jajko, author of the American Frame company blog, ‘A Good Frame of Mind’ and this month, I am writing about our newly upgraded and very exciting American Frame online Art Gallery.

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