The Beauty of Natural Wood

In my last blog article, I shared how my personal aesthetic tends to morph with the seasons. In the summer I'm invariably attracted to art with a 'cool' vibe that lends itself to treatments featuring shiny metallics and bright whites. As fall takes hold, I crave cozy: home cooked meals, evening fires and, in decor, the gentle beauty of natural woods.

Our features and promotions reflect these preferences year after year. Yes, I'm embarrassingly predictable in that way. I’m also predictable in the way I select products to offer to you. How? Let me explain

Real wood surfaces transcend fashion, connecting us to the outdoors and providing softness and warmth to our interiors and our art.

As I select frames and create product lines, you can rely on me to offer you an edited, high-quality selection of authentic wood mouldings, as opposed to many of the composite materials currently on the market. Real woods with natural finishes blend well with each other and age beautifully over time, becoming richer. Manufactured and synthetic wood-look products tend to deteriorate with use and become stuck in time, reflecting an aesthetic tied to fleeting trends rather than enduring style.

"Advances" in wood-like picture frame materials don't easily make their way through our doors. I am not interested in offering polystyrene (molded plastic crafted to look like wood) and I’ve eliminated our MDF (medium density fiberboard with paper wraps) with one exception: frame 18301 in our Bravo line, a customer favorite. All of our other wood picture frames are 100% solid wood with finishes or foils that enhance the wood’s beauty, make it more modern and cost effective (as in our resin or gesso-coated frames) or make it more glamorous, such as our gilded and silver mouldings. Old-fashioned?  I don’t think so.  Quality never goes out of style.

In keeping with the spirit of fall into winter, take some time to rethink how beautiful natural woods can be integrated into your spaces. And to help you along, as always, our many collections of fine wood picture frames will be going on and off sale throughout the season.

I hope you discover something new that peaks your interest.


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