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Since 2003, creative professionals and hobbyists alike have relied on our printing and framing experts for superior results at economical prices. Our professional photo printing starts with your digital file. We guide you through the steps to take your visions and make it reality, beautifully and simply. Prints can be ordered in a multitude of ways, on a variety of substrates.

Let’s go through the process together.

From the homepage, hover over the “Art and Photo Printing” tab to reveal a dropdown menu with many choices. From this menu, you have the option to choose the Art and Photo Printing workflow; Printing FAQ, request samples of our papers and other substrates, or view price charts. For this tutorial, choose “Art and Photo Printing.”

american frame homepage

Now we are at the Printing homepage. If you expect to be doing lots of printing, we invite you to bookmark this page for easy future reference.

Here, we’ve organized our options by paper, canvas, Plexiglas and aluminum substrates. Again, for this example, we will be printing on paper.

art and photo printing page

Hover over an image in the category that interests you to see details about that specific kind of paper or canvas. Here we show an example of the type of image that works on that paper, an image of texture, its properties, price points for some common sizes and where it falls on a scale of warm to cool. As you can see, the Lasal Photo Matte is an all purpose, economically priced paper that tends to be on the cooler side. If you want to see paper samples before you order a print we gladly send them for free.

paper choices

Now it’s time to get started. Click “get started now” to begin the process.

click get started now button

First click “browse” to select the image from your computer Be sure to check “I agree to the American Frame copyright policy” and then click “start upload” to begin the uploading process.

upload your image

Once uploaded, you will be taken into the workflow. Start by choosing your paper. Still have questions? Hover over the question marks to read more details about each one. Click around and play with different possibilities and prices. Take note: edit your choices any time from the box at the bottom of the page. After choosing the paper, either click “next” at the bottom of the page, or click on the “size” tab at the top to be taken to the next step.

choose print material

In the size tab, you can choose from the recommended sizes that we suggest. For our image, we are able to choose from 10x10, 14x14 or 20x20. 30x30, 36x36, and 40x40 are not able to be chosen because the resolution of the image is not suitable for those sizes.

choose from recommended sizes

You can also enter a custom size. Custom sizes will retain the image proportions at the custom width you select within the acceptable pixel range of 120 PPI. For this particular image, we entered a custom size of 5” x 5”.

enter a custom size

The next tab is “options.” It is here that you are able to request image editing services or order proofs of your print. Depending on which image edit option you choose, there is a drop down menu where you can select what you’d like us to fix.

Proofs are great and highly recommended when color is critical or if you are unsure about the resolution of your image. When you proof, we guarantee color and hold your order for printing until you approve the proof.

choose image edit options

Now it’s time to choose a frame. There are over 500 choices on our site, so you can achieve the look you want for your print. First choose your frame type: metal or wood. Then look to the right of the screen and decide whether to shop by color, collection, or style. It’s exciting to browse all the choices however if it becomes overwhelming, we always provide a default, our 1 ¾” Basics Black, 8411. For this example, we’ve decided to shop by collection. Click on the arrow to see all the available collections.

At this point, if you’d prefer to order a print only, and not an entire frame package, delete the additional frame components from the box at the bottom.

choose a metal or wood picture frame

At the bottom, see all the available frames from that collection. Click on a frame to see a preview of it with your artwork.

see additional frame colors

In the following mat and glazing tabs, choose the type of mat and acrylic you’d like to add to your package, or choose “none” if you don’t want any, but if you’re working with paper art and framing that, you will need to make sure it’s protected and has a sturdy backing at some point.

In the mounting tab, first select your mounting board. Then, select which mounting method you’d prefer. Not sure which to choose? Hover over the question marks for a description of each option. Finally, choose whether you’d like us to professionally frame your print or whether you’d like to frame it yourself. Artists who sign their work should choose “Do Not Assemble.”

select a mounting method

Now we are nearing the end. At the last step, the Accessories tab, our system will generate suggested accessories you may need to complete your project. Click “add to cart” if you want to add a certain accessory to the cart.

At the very bottom of the page, see complete orders details. From this box, you have the ability to edit or remove each frame component if you wish. When you’ve reviewed and/or edited your frame package, click “add package to cart.

choose accessories

In the cart, you will see all the individual components of your art and framing package. From here, you can continue shopping or proceed to checkout.

package details in the cart

We hope you enjoyed this tutorial. If you still have questions we’d love to hear from you. Email us at for prompt and friendly assistance. Our goal as always is to provide the means and the materials to allow you to take your creative vision and make it reality.

Thank you for choosing American Frame!

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