Reintroducing the Gibraltar Collection: Masculine Design Meets Fine Picture Framing

Today, we happily reintroduce a beautiful solid-wood collection many of our customers have missed: Gibraltar. First compiled in 1999, these mouldings were very popular, but the manufacturer had largely discontinued the line. This left a big void in the array of weighty, formal frames available. Now with five new choices and an old favorite, this collection is back and we are so happy for that!

gibralter collection

Gibraltar’s solid wood in highly-polished classic finishes, substantial proportions and elegant yet simple lines fills an important design niche. It is ideal for the traditional executive office or a formal home study, library, living room or entryway. The generous scale also creates a focal point in large, featureless rooms, such as waiting rooms and auditoriums. Anywhere visual weight or a subtle masculinity is desired Gibraltar will work beautifully.

Gibraltar also offers practical advantages. This collection provides the necessary proportions for large artwork and mirrors and the deep rabbets can accommodate treatments featuring multiple mats, heavy artwork, canvas and linen liners.

There are six finishes and three profile styles. One of the frames is an old favorite, 80193 Pewter. It was reintroduced due to popular demand. (Thanks for letting your opinion be known!) A complex metallic finish that reads anywhere from bronze to light copper, Pewter offers the simplest of the profile designs. If you want a marriage of modern and classic with a dash of masculine energy thrown in, choose this frame.

80193 Pewter

The new profiles include two different, slightly more detailed frames. With an added angle but still simple and classic, one of the profiles is offered in four glossy options: a mid-range tawny finish that brings to mind race horses (4324), two red stains (4328 for a classic cherry and 4334 for something that pushes toward oxblood) and a dark, dramatic finish (4320). The final, most detailed of the Gibraltar profiles is 80960. The widest of the group, it’s also flatter and has fluting on both the inner and outer edge. In a matte finish of black-brown with very subtle olive undertones, this frame moves toward the rustic-formal blend. Hints of wood-knots and the saw come through, making it particularly wonderful for a masculine feel that remains dressy.

Gibraltar picture frames 4324


Gibraltar picture frame 80960

AubreyK | 3/19/2014 9:28:40 AM | 4 comments
American Frame

It is a really nice color.
3/21/2014 12:34:45 PM

4324 looks like it would go nicely with my decor.
3/21/2014 10:53:19 AM

American Frame
Hi Rachael! What are you going to frame? Sounds like this collection is just what you were looking for.
3/19/2014 12:01:46 PM

Rachael Henzman
These look absolutely gorgeous and I know just what I would frame with them!
3/19/2014 11:50:59 AM

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