Britanee LeeAnn Sickles Wins Featured Artist Contest

I am pleased to announce May's Featured Artist Contest winner: Britanee LeeAnn Sickles. Learn a bit more about Britanee in this press release that was sent to the media. Be sure to visit her art gallery to see more work.

An artist by training as well as temperament and experience, Sickles holds a BFA from the Columbus college of Art and Design. Her work often features vibrant colors and strong moods, showcasing a nostalgic, glamorous sensibility. “I’m inspired by the human form and the past, when women were glamorous, but I like to put a modern spin on my images, play with style and explore all mediums.” She works mainly in oils, acrylics and colored pencil. 

She has done book cover design and participated in several shows, including an Exhibition at Brick Gallery Ltd. and Salon des Refuges in the Prizm Creative Community. She won the Juror’s Choice Award at Appetite for the Arts.

The winning painting at American Frame, “Cheerio”, exemplifies Sickles’ approach: dramatic, moody and with a strong nod to the past. The image’s cheeky formality is fun and invites the reader to participate in the author’s creative process.  Sickles says she, “wanted to capture the smug look of an aristocratic gentleman and make people wonder who he is and what his place in society is.”

Cheerio by Britanee LeeAnn Sickles

The formal subject and dark colors would be nicely complemented by an ornate silver or gold solid wood frame, such as those in American Frame’s Silver & Gold or Allure collections. A linen liner instead of a mat would also pair well with the classic sensibility. For the best resolution, Sickles recommends printing her work no larger than 11”x14”.

AubreyK | 6/5/2015 1:56:27 PM | 1 comments
Nice work! Congrats, Britanee!
6/5/2015 3:00:39 PM

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