Jaime Erin Johnson Featured Artist Interview

Jaime Erin Johnson is a young emerging artist who grew up immersed in nature in the backwoods of Mississippi. It is there that she became fascinated with the concepts of ‘quiet’ & ‘impermanence’ and explores these through her imagery. Jaime’s medium is photography and her methods involve ‘alternative processes’ where she uses digital photography to create a transparency from which she prints her photographs.

“Basically, you take any image and you make a digital negative out of it. That’s as simple as putting an image in black and white and then inverting it and then printing it off on a piece of transparency film. Sort of like an overhead projector and then you just print it off and so you have your negative that was made with a digital photo.” 

With an ‘alternative process’, the photographer basically combines digital with traditional photographic processing methods which results in beautiful, ethereal artistic effects. Although she has created an online gallery with us that showcases some of her purely digital works, the real meat of her work can be viewed and understood on her website (http://www.jaimejphotography.com/). It is beautiful, thought provoking and somewhat disturbing yet at the same time, calming. 

In this series of Featured Artist Interviews I basically stick to an outline of about 15 questions ranging from how the artist gains inspiration and works through creative blocks to how they price their work. One of the questions I love to ask is ‘What is your biggest accomplishment’? Jaime’s was this: making 30” x 40” prints on Japanese rice paper. She was told it couldn’t be done, so she took that as a personal challenge and made it happen.

I invite anyone who is in the least bit interested in this genre to thoroughly read Jaime’s interview. She was simply a delight; very open and willing to share her knowledge and experience. Stay on the lookout for a future YouTube video from her, showing how she works the process in her photography.



AubreyK | 7/8/2015 11:51:08 AM | 3 comments
American Frame
That's great! Of course we have the same philosophy!
10/14/2015 9:53:20 AM

Indigo Wolf
That's pretty cool. I like supporting these new artists more than the established ones, the same way I like to buy from small businesses rather than corporations. It helps improve the economy or the industry.
10/13/2015 11:37:48 PM

Very informative. Nice job, Jaime!
7/10/2015 3:36:03 PM

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