Deborah Angilletta Wins Featured Artist Contest

I am pleased to announce June's Featured Artist Contest winner: Deborah Angilletta. Learn a bit more about Deborah in this press release that was sent to the media. View her gallery or website to see more work.

A graphic designer and communications specialist for many years, Angilletta now paints full time, concentrating on acrylic-rendered landscapes, primarily around her home in upper New York State. Self taught in both acrylic and oil, she is inspired by the memory of her grandparents’ farm and by the ways the physical world conjures these joyful memories: a sparkle of light across a field, the solitude of a country road, the melancholy beauty of a winter sky fading to twilight. Her work suggests a timelessness and sense of place that she hopes will resonate with others.

“The ice-blue water breathes her last cool winter breath into the atmosphere. An air of expectation surrounds the woods. The wind rustles a warning that something is on the way.” This is how Angilletta describes the winning painting, a scene from the Adirondack Mountains titled, “Putnam Creek, Early Spring.” Acrylic on RayMar panel, the sylvan scene makes it a natural for a gray wood frame from American Frame’s Rustics collection. In a more traditional or contemporary space, a black frame in either metal or wood, paired with a natural mat, would introduce a modern vibe and compliment the blue tones.

Putnam Creek, Early Spring by Deborah Angilletta

AubreyK | 7/7/2015 10:44:09 AM | 2 comments
Beautiful art. Makes it seem like you're really there.
7/10/2015 4:45:06 PM

Congratulations Deborah! Love this piece.
7/8/2015 2:56:46 PM

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