The Summer Celebration of the Metal Picture Frame

Join us as we kickoff our annual summer celebration of the metal picture frame.

It's a little bit noisy back here in the plant so I hope you can hear me ok.
My name is Laura Jajko author of the American Frame blog A Good Frame of Mind and I am here to kick off our annual summer celebration of the metal picture frame.
We started this about 5or 6 years ago. Then we skipped a year and so many of you were asking where it went that we brought it back and it's here to stay. 
In my view, summer is the perfect time to focus on metal. It's cool, easy, colorful, lightweight, and the most economical material that a DIY picture framer can use.
Look at these designs! The choices range from the all popular and classic Standard to a more trendy Deco in beautiful finishes and architectural shapes.  Our supplier of choice is Nielsen Bainbridge of course. These frames are made of very high quality aluminum and are all made in America from start to finish.
So along with the rolling sales on all of these collections that you've grown to love and expect, we have a very special guest blogger who's insights I am sure you'll want to tap into.
 I am personally proud to welcome Susan Losco, product manager for Nielsen Bainbridge. She offers an inside view of the picture frame design and product development process, how new designs are inspired, created and then brought to market for you, through us.
Thank you for joining me today. Let's connect on the blog and also on twitter. We are hosting weekly chats Thursdays from 12:30-1:30 Eastern time where we talk all things art and framing. Susan Losco will be one of our guests in the coming weeks. stay tuned for details

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