Announcing the #FramingHappiness Contest

We had such a fun time with the first #FramingHappiness contest, decided to run the second #FramingHappiness contest on our Fanpage.

The contest is running through September 1st, and the winner will be announced on Septemer 2nd.

What Can I Win?

You can win a $100 gift certificate to American Frame.

How Do I enter and win?

This contest has ended.

You need to have a Fanpage, an email address, and a photo of what makes you happy. Click enter, add your email, upload your image. Once your entry is approved, your image will appear with the other #framinghappiness photos. You are encouraged to come back daily and vote. Also be sure to get your friends to come and vote on your image as well. 

child eating watermelon
Image submitted by Sheilagh M  RevaGavin

The winner of the #FramingHappiness contest is the entry that gets the most votes. As simple as that.

So, what makes you happy?


• Users can enter once per email address
• Users get one vote per Facebook user per day
• All contestants must have copyright ownership of the entry photos.
• American Frame can choose to accept or decline any entry based upon photo subject matter
• Adult content is not accepted for entries
• All entries can be used by American Frame for advertising purposes to include posting to social media sites, but the entrant will retain ownership of the entry photo

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