Aluminum Moulding: Precious Metals for Today’s Consumer

Today I am so happy to introduce our guest blogger, Susan Losco, Marketing and Product Manager for Nielsen Bainbridge. I asked Susan to share her insights on trends in metal picture framing and Nielsen’s approach to keeping their position as the design leader in the industry as we launch our annual Summer Celebration of the Metal Frame. Enjoy and be inspired!

Metal as a home accessory material has never been more popular. No longer the mundane substrate of shower stalls, screen doors and cheap picture frames, metal is now one of the defining materials in home décor and design. Think oiled bronze faucets, patinated vases, oxidized sculptures—even floor tiles and dishware are trying to look like metal! Now think of picture frames… What better vehicle for tying together the style and elegance of your home accessories with the art on your walls?

Today’s aluminum picture frame moulding is definitely NOT your grandmother’s aluminum! New profiles, new finishing techniques, and even new art media make Nielsen aluminum moulding  the first choice of today’s consumer. 

So, where do the great new products come from? For inspiration, we follow emerging color trends through membership in leading color-forecasting associations, and investigate new styles by attending the trend-setting trade exhibits of the furniture and home décor manufacturers. With these research resources in hand, we work with our manufacturing plant in Tennessee to design shapes and to formulate finishes that mirror the design inspirations. Profiles are carefully rendered; dies are cut to exact dimensions; and pure raw aluminum is extruded into lengths of moulding. 

After attentive cleaning and brushing to achieve a perfect surface, the lengths are treated to one of our carefully monitored and engineered finishing processes. Anodized finishes are produced with specific mixtures of dyes and electrostatic charges to ensure a consistent, durable and elegant metallic finish. Paint colors are individually developed to match desired shades, then applied in multiple coats with an electrostatic charge to guarantee even and durable coverage. Our unique Elements finish is applied to one stick of moulding at a time, to produce a consistent color and texture, while maintaining the feel of a hand-finished product. And always-evolving brushing techniques optimize the unique luster only available with aluminum moulding. 

Pure aluminum prior to extrusion in our Tennessee plant

Now, consider the result. Traditional paints in a full spectrum of saturated colors are perfect for posters, kids’ art and sports framing, and classic anodized finishes offer crisp and true metallic finishes—great with modern art, mirrors, and photography. New translucent paints provide a unique and timely color treatment for framing, by allowing the natural sheen of aluminum to soften and enhance the hues. And the Elements finishes adapt the timeless look of worn metals in a fashion that marries perfectly with the most popular print and image styles today. 

nielsen profile 26
Nielsen Profile 26 Elements finish

New Nielsen shapes, like Profiles 26, 28 and 65 mirror architectural detailing, making the framed art a natural extension of your décor. 

Nielsen profile 28
Nielsen Profile 28

Classic shapes, like Profiles 24, 34, 117, 225 and 97, complement art, photography and portraiture, and allow the frame to transition the art into your personal style statement. 

Nielsen profile 225
Nielsen Profile 225

And there’s never been a better time for Nielsen profiles 13 and 14—the only aluminum canvas floater frames in the industry—which provide greater strength and stability than wood moulding, and the most minimal frame outline possible for framed canvases. 

Nielsen profile 13
Nielsen Profile 13 Canvas Floater in German Silver finish

Nielsen has been producing the finest aluminum mouldings since the 1970’s. Founded by Helmar Nielsen, and originally based in Massachusetts, Nielsen Moulding was acquired by Letraset USA in 1985. The company was merged with the Bainbridge division of Letraset to form Nielsen & Bainbridge, the first company to combine moulding and mat board  production exclusively for the picture framing industry. Since 1985, Nielsen & Bainbridge has grown to be the largest provided of high quality picture framing products in the world, and is recognized for innovation, creativity and dedication to enhancing the art of picture framing.  Proudly made from start to finish in the USA, Nielsen moulding can be traditional, classic, transitional or contemporary—and always in style! Inspired by the latest fashions and the newest design trends, Nielsen aluminum moulding continues to redefine the art of framing.


Sue Losco has worked at NielsenBainbridge for 28 years, where she has worked as Project Manager, Product Manager, and now holds the position of Marketing Manager for custom framing products. In her role as Marketing Manager, Sue is responsible for developing new products in matboard, aluminum moulding and wood moulding, and for managing all product ranges to ensure the best and most timely product assortment for today’s framing customers.

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More styles, finishes and colors as the processes get more and more advanced!
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As the years go by, metal frames just keep getting better and better!
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