Design Trend: Soft Elegance/Modern Luxury

Soft metallic finishes, gentle monochromatic color schemes, and the incorporation of luxurious textures embody this trend in décor. Contemporary is here to stay, but is moving toward the inclusion of more opulent elements that more commonly found in traditional décor, yet in a very spare way. We saw this last year with the emergence of the Rustic Chic design aesthetic, which fused stripped down industrial/urban design with modern farmhouse. This year, the simplicity continues, but with a touch more lavish materials.

Laura Jajko | 1/26/2015 2:59:15 PM | 4 comments

Joseph Dunning Wins December's Featured Artist Contest

I am very honored to announce December's Featured Artist Contest winner: Joseph Dunning. Read more about Joseph and his artwork in this press release that was sent to the media, today.

Laura Jajko | 1/7/2015 10:41:36 AM | 1 comments

Happy New Year 2015 – A Positive Start: Embrace Art

I hope you all had a beautiful holiday season and that you’re refreshed and ready to get back to your art!

I love the New Year as each one serves as a line in the sand between the old and the new, and marks a definite timeframe for self-reflection and personal growth. Now if you’ve been following me for awhile you, know that I personally shun typical resolutions that involve anything negative like“quitting this” and “avoiding that” as I truly feel that a new year deserves a positive start, and by embracing who we are and what we love as individuals, any destructive tendencies will be crowded out by our passions, enabling us to reach our potential in life.

Laura Jajko | 1/5/2015 10:48:17 AM | 2 comments

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