How to Enter our Featured Artist Contest

Every month, artists and photographers who have an American Frame online art gallery are invited to enter their work in American Frame’s online Featured Artist Contest. Winners receive national publicity, cash awards, discounts, and a prominent spot on the American Frame website.
Interested? Then view our brief video tutorial.

Step 1: Create an American Frame Customer Account.
Click on MY ACCOUNT found at the top right of our home page. Simply provide your name, email address and password and hit register. Please note: your email address is also your username.

create an acocunt

Then, complete your contact information including mailing address and phone number and hit “Update Profile.”

complete profile information

Step 2: Set up your online art gallery. At that point you will find a menu of options under “My Account." Go to the “My Gallery” link and create an Artist Profile. The information you enter here will display to your audience online so use this space to market yourself! Write a short bio, upload an icon, and tell us your medium. Use the “connect with me at:” field to enter a link to your website, facebook, twitter, or other social media presence.  Then click "update."

create an art gallery profile

Step 3: Upload at least five images including the one you’d like to submit into the contest. Be sure to have good image tags, set a price, and create a title for the image and attach keywords so your work will appear in customer search queries.  For any new images uploaded, please wait 2 business days for them to populate the gallery as they must pass an approval process to appear.

upload images to your art gallery

If you have a gallery already, review your images and see if you’d like to add any. Make sure you upload the one you’d like to enter in the contest.

Step Four: Fill out a contest application. Once your new images have been approved, click on “Featured Artist Entry” under the "My Gallery" menu.

Featured Artist Contest entry form

From this page, click “New Application” and fill out all the fields. If you have questions about any of the information requested, hover over the question mark next to the field for further explanation.
At the bottom of the application, be sure to click “I have read and accepted the program definition, terms and conditions.”

Step Five: Save Application for Later Editing or Submit for Final Entry.

At the end of the application there are two choices: “Save Application” is on the left and “Submit Application” is on the right. If you would like to finish or edit your application later, click “Save.” If you are satisfied with your application and ready to submit it, click “Submit Application.” After submitting, you will not be able to edit your application and will be notified once it’s been approved.

click save or submit

Approval generally takes another 48 hours and once you’re approved, you will be notified for which month your work has been entered! Once the contest is up, share your entry with your audience and invite them to vote for you every day. Wouldn’t it be nice to be the next Featured Artist?

AubreyK | 2/3/2015 2:08:27 PM | 2 comments
American Frame
Thanks for mentioning that Valerie!
2/10/2015 9:28:49 AM

It's an easy way to put another contest win in your artists portfolio!
2/6/2015 11:54:25 AM

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