How to Enter our Featured Artist Contest

Every month artists who have an American Frame online art gallery are invited to enter their work in the Featured Artist Contest. Winners receive national publicity, cash awards, discounts and a prominent spot on the American Frame home page.

You can find eligibility requirements, deadlines, restrictions, etc. on this page:

How to Apply:

Step One: Create a customer account or log into an existing account.

create an account or log-in

New users need to provide their first and last name, email address, and create a password.

Note: your username is also your email address.

Step Two: Create or update your customer profile.

edit profile screen

When all information is filled in, hit “Update Profile.”

Step Three: Create or update your artist profile.

If you don’t have a gallery yet, hover over “My Gallery” and click “Profile”, then click “Create Profile.”  If you do have a gallery, click on “My Gallery” and update your existing profile.

create an art gallery profile

Write a short bio, enter your city and state and your typical art media. We recommend uploading a small icon for your profile as well.  This can be a picture of you or another image that represents your work.

fill out art gallery profile fields

Once completed, click “Update Profile.”

Step Four: Upload at Least 5 Images, Including the Contest Image.

If your gallery is new, click on “Gallery” and upload at least 5 images.  To see the image requirements, click here. Be sure to have good image tags, set a price, and create a title for the image.

If you have a gallery already, review your images and see if you’d like to add any.  Make sure you upload the one you’d like to enter in the contest. 

images in art gallery

Step Five: If you uploaded new images to your gallery, wait 2 days. 

Once your new images are uploaded, American Frame will review them for appropriateness and technical requirements.  When you sign back into your account after 48 hours your images should be approved and active in your gallery. 

Step Six: Fill out a contest application. 

Once your new images have been approved, click on “Featured Artist Entry.”

featured artist application

From this page, click “New Application” and fill out all the fields.  If you have questions about any of the information requested, hover over the question mark next to the field for further explanation.
At the bottom of the application, be sure to click “I have read and accepted the program definition, terms and conditions”. 

Step Seven: Save Application for Later Editing or Submit for Final Entry.

At the end of the application there are two choices: “Save Application” is on the left and “Submit Application” is on the right.  If you would like to finish or edit your application later, click “Save.”  If you are satisfied with your application and ready to submit it, click “Submit Application.”  After submitting, you will not be able to edit your application and will be notified once it’s been approved.


If you return to your account at a later time and click on “Featured Artist Entry,” any application you filled out will be listed under the “New Application” button.  Under “Status” you will see “Saved”, “Approved” or “Rejected.”  You will also receive an email to the address provided when your application is either approved or rejected.

You can fill out a new application for each contest period until you win. Winners must wait 13 months before entering again.

We are very excited to offer this opportunity to the artists who entrust their work to our Art Gallery.  We want you to have a chance to win, so enter now, enter often.  Show the world your wonderful work and never stop creating!

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diane wisehart
original paintings and drawings
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Landscape photography from the East Coast.
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