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Recognizing and celebrating Earth Day has become a modern day tradition in our culture. It’s a day we can all come together and look at ways we can be more protective of our environment. Of course I applaud big initiatives that companies make and believe me, we have many, the most significant being our carbon neutral shipping.

However, I truly believe that it’s the little things, our every day habits, which add up to having a monumental impact on our surroundings. It’s in how we continually and consciously reduce waste, conserve energy and recycle that catches on and creates their own momentum. And the more we do, the more we can add to our routines.

Personally, I enjoy focusing on reducing waste in the kitchen. I compost food scraps, avoid using plastic shopping bags, unplug appliances when they’re not in use, and try to make as much as possible from scratch which reduces packaging waste, impacting both how much we recycle and throw away. But there’s always more to learn! So in keeping with the spirit of the day, I decided to query my team at American Frame to see what others do to live earth friendly lifestyles. Here is the feedback I received:

From Dana Dunbar, CEO: We use Anderson's and Target shopping bags instead of plastic bags. We have a compost pile; we recycle our plastic, paper, and batteries. Our electric use is down from changing out our bulbs. We fixed our bathroom leak.  As for at work, we are upgrading the electrical. It's our big Earth Day project that will affect all areas of the building. The ROI is two years. We are receiving a rebate from the electrical company to do this.

From Bill Goodyear, Marketing: The Goodyear’s recycle the usual... Paper, cardboard, plastic, cans (steel & aluminum), etc. Also, members of AF will be cleaning the Arrowhead Park on the 22nd. The marketing dept will be out in full force!!

From Nancy Frye, Packaging: We don't buy garbage bags--snack and bread bags work great for the little garbage left after composting and recycling. We take our own cups/bottles to coffee and fast food places, and have collapsible containers for restaurant leftovers. My kids are getting bamboo flatware sets in their Christmas stockings so they won't be using and throwing out plastic utensils at lunch. I take home steel and plastics from work that aren't recyclable here.

From Aubrey Koralewski, Marketing: Over at my house I recycle the usual as Bill said. Changed all our lighting to more energy efficient bulbs, and unplug any appliances that aren't in use to conserve electric. I don't use pesticides in my garden (not sure if that counts).

Well? Any other ideas?

Happy Earth Day!

Earth Day 2015

AubreyK | 4/22/2015 1:59:55 PM | 4 comments
American Frame
Thanks for the tip Ron! Always good to know!
5/4/2015 11:51:19 AM

Read you local curbside recycle programs news letter to see what’s accepted. Putting things in your recycle bin that are not accepted raises the cost of the program and makes it less viable.
5/1/2015 12:37:07 PM

American Frame
It sure does!
4/27/2015 9:52:30 AM

Every little bit helps!
4/24/2015 3:13:04 PM

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