Robert Cantor
Robert  Cantor
Robert Cantor, Silver Spring, MD, Oil/Acrylic, 25 items in gallery Mr. Cantor is a life-long resident of the Washington, DC area who has always had an interest in creating art. Having retired from a career as a computer programmer, he can now put much more time and energy into oil painting. His personal collection of pencil sharpeners and other toys are the subject matter for the series of still-life paintings on which he is currently at work. He relishes the opportunity to create beautiful works of art combining serious craftsmanship with amusing irony. By treating inexpensive toys with an exaggerated reverence, the paintings themselves become the precious objects worthy of the reverence given to the original subjects. A successful painting will have the figure staring back with its own unique personality and inner life as it boldly confronts the viewer with the absurdity of its own existence. His award-winning paintings have been displayed in several exhibitions and numerous juried shows. Mr. Cantor's training in art has come mostly from coursework at Northern Virginia Community College and The Art League of Alexandria (Torpedo Factory).

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