Renee C Smith
Renee C Smith
Renee C Smith, Largo, Fl, Various Media, 172 items in gallery Artist specializing in nature scenes,sunsets and animals (including pet portraits) upon request. Available for mother-daughter art shows. My daughter Emily Renee Smith has photography for sale on here too. Artist website with bio on

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  • Castle at Sunset
  • "Look at the birds.." Series 1
  • Alkatraz Island
  • Angels
  • Aqua Blue Cambodian Starry Night
  • Ballet Dancer Griaffe
  • Bear Family
  • Bible Verse Art
  • Bible Verse Sunset
  • Bird Bowed in Prayer
  • Bird in Water
  • Bird Warrior
  • Birds of the Air
  • Birds of the Air 2
  • Birds of the Air Series
  • Blue Eye Tiger
  • Boston Terrier
  • Boston Terrier in a Pot
  • Butterfly 2
  • Butterfly Flower Pink
  • Butterfly in Cambodia
  • Butterfly on Purple Flowers
  • Butterfly Watercolor
  • California Beach
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