Mike Sexton
Mike  Sexton
Mike Sexton, White City, KS, Digital Imagery, 141 items in gallery Kansas based digital artist who specializes in Celtic, wildlife, Egyptian & fantasy art. I'm always happy to take commissions & work with you to make sure you get what you're paying for.

Connect with me at: http://www.mikesextonstudio.com

  • A Lazy Day
  • A Raven Sunrise Knot
  • A Watchful Eye
  • Angel Calling
  • Anubis Looks On
  • Anubis Portrait
  • Autumn Returns
  • Bast's Temple
  • Big Cat Celtic Knot
  • Black Ghost of the Forest
  • Blue Jay Family Leaving the Nest
  • Breath of Life
  • Calling for Family
  • Celt at Arms Celtic Knot Stained Glass Painting
  • Celt Turtle
  • Celtic Animal Kingdom
  • Celtic Astral Knot
  • Celtic Chalice
  • Celtic Christmas
  • Celtic Clover Cross
  • Celtic Dogs Keep Watch
  • Celtic Mask
  • Celtic Rose
  • Celtic Royalty Knot
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