lih-ting li kostrsewa
lih-ting li  kostrsewa
lih-ting li kostrsewa, Mt. Pleasant, MI, Various Media, 37 items in gallery Lihting Li Kostrzewa, MFA, MA, BFA, Serving years as art teachers in public schools, universities, and community art centers, also leading students art tour in Paris as well as New York City. Artwork has been showed and selected in Taiwan, Austria as well as many states in USA. Currently she manages her own art studio in Michigan. Resume and website can be viewed at
  • 4th July
  • a bird in the landscape
  • Abide in vine
  • Autumn
  • Banana princess
  • birds
  • Blue Christmas
  • Bruised reed will not break
  • contentment
  • dance thru
  • dance with Holy Spirit
  • death
  • dwelling place
  • firebird
  • gift
  • Growing pain
  • invitation
  • Isabella's Xmas tree
  • kiss
  • Love in Paris
  • marriage
  • Martain lake of northern Michigan
  • mill pond park
  • Passion
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