Karl Coughtry
Karl  Coughtry
Karl Coughtry, Minden, Nevada, Various Media, 36 items in gallery Photography is one of those things I am compelled to do. I love the challenge of capturing what I see through the camera, but sometimes I see things a little differently than others. Scenic landscapes or photographs of flowers and bees are always fun, yet I tend to look at objects or scenes that aren't from the typical perspective. I like inclement weather, close up rusty parts, strange compositions, or just something unusual. This is what I call “seeing things my way” and while I realize others may have trouble recognizing the subject of my photographs, I still can’t help taking the shot. Artistic photography is about connection. My photographs connect me to a place and moment in my lifetime; if a print can connect an image of that moment to someone else, then that is exciting. Thank you for looking. Karl Coughtry

Connect with me at: karlcoughtry@gmail.com

  • Aliens
  • Blue Vase
  • Bottlebrush
  • Bowl of Autumn
  • Bus Out of Service
  • Caesars Flare
  • California Gold
  • California Ripple
  • Cloud Signs
  • Fall Leaves
  • Final Phase
  • Flash of Color
  • Genoa Lane Gate
  • Golden Flight
  • Grimes Point Petroglyphs
  • July 4th on Vashon
  • Lavendar Light
  • Lone Bulb
  • Mainly Masts
  • Mary
  • Moon Drawing
  • Nature's Blend
  • O'L Ranch Hand
  • Only One Dollar
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