Deborah Ann Angilletta
Deborah Ann Angilletta
Deborah Ann Angilletta, Scotia, New York, Oil/Acrylic, 10 items in gallery Deborah Angilletta enjoyed drawing as a child but her creativity remained quietly in the background while years passed. Working full time, she and her husband built a life together raising two daughters. In 1998 a changing career situation enabled her to earn a degree in graphic design from Sage colleges while working in the communications industry. She painted occasionally until downsizing at her job in 2007 enabled her to begin painting full time. A life long learner, she is self taught in both acrylic and oil techniques. Deborah now paints the landscapes that have been close to her heart since time spent on her grandparent’s farm as a child. Childhood memories of the rural countryside color the focus of her larger studio paintings. When she chances upon a scene that recalls these early impressions she is drawn to recapture them in her paintings. Sometimes it’s the joyful sparkle of light across a field calling her to paint. Other times she is drawn to the solitude of a country road or the melancholy beauty of a winter sky fading at the end of the day. Many times the final painting is different from the scene that triggered it - similar to the response that engages when you think you see the face of an old friend in a crowd. She reacts to that flash of recognition and her final picture may contain more remembrance of that other place and time than likeness of the actual scene. It’s the remnants of these memories that resonate in her artwork suggesting a timelessness and sense of place that she shares with others.

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