Christina Pellegrino
Christina  Pellegrino
Christina Pellegrino, Salt Lake City, UT, Various Media, 34 items in gallery Chris earned a BA in Studio Art with a concentration in Art History from the State University College at Oneonta in rural upstate New York. There she trained in the classic disciplines of printmaking, serigraphy, oil and water color painting. The school of photo realism captured her imagination with its emphasis on the portrayal of ordinary items and places. After graduation Chris apprenticed in an art and frame shop where, under the guidance of amazingly talented and knowledgeable artists, she greatly enhanced her understanding of tools and materials. Together with her husband she has traveled extensively by motorcycle, on photo safaris throughout the United States and Europe. Eventually they settled in Salt Lake City within easy reach of the stunning National Parks of the American West. Collecting ideas from her adventures, home, garden, memorabilia and beloved cats, she delights in combining her traditional training and photorealistic talents to produce original art inspired by her photographs.
  • Alone
  • Alpine Loop
  • American Gas
  • Aspens
  • By the Sea
  • Corrosion 1
  • Corrosion 2
  • Django
  • Early Bays
  • Empty
  • Eureka
  • Ice Cold
  • Indy in the Garden
  • King of Pop
  • King of Pop
  • Legend
  • Looking In
  • Mexican Gas
  • Mountain Gold
  • Not for Sale
  • Orange Tulips
  • Park City
  • Passage
  • Pop Art
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