cheryl holz
cheryl  holz
cheryl holz, aurora, Illinois, Various Media, 41 items in gallery Cheryl grew up in the country, her rural upbringing influencing her artwork, a homage to nature's resilience, beauty and diversity. She emulates natural aging processes by building up and wearing away paint and materials on hollow wooden panels, embedding everything from dragonfly wings to prairie grasses at various points during the process. She utilizes a wide variety of techniques, from pouring a river of ink, to making a photo silkscreen of the night sky. Cheryl’s work has received national recognition, and hangs in museums, hospitals, and corporations.
  • Asian Influence: Peace
  • Asian Influence: Truth
  • balance
  • Big Bang
  • Botanicals: Morning glory
  • Botanicals: Oak
  • Branching: Africa
  • Branching: Australia
  • Branching: California
  • Cranberry Proportions
  • Divine Arch
  • Divine Arch
  • Divine Design
  • Edna Valley
  • Fall Napa Music
  • falling flying
  • Fonts & Feather
  • growth spirals
  • listen
  • Long Legged Wader Music
  • Luna
  • Magenta Grapes
  • marsh
  • Maryhill Marriage
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