April Taylor
April  Taylor
April Taylor, Shelby Township, MI, Various Media, 30 items in gallery April A Taylor is a Detroit area photographer, specializing in Dark Art and Urban/Gritty photography, featuring abandoned buildings, old cemeteries, ghost towns, unusual portraits, album covers, promotional photos and model photo shoots. Her photographs are intended to convey the beauty that is hidden within the world around us, even in those places that are often seen as dark or depressing. Her work has been displayed internationally, in both magazines & art gallery exhibits, and she was named the Artist of the Month by 93.9 FM Detroit for June 2010.
  • A Twisted Fairytale (Bloody Fingers)
  • A Twisted Fairytale (Bloody Good Cup of Tea)
  • A Twisted Fairytale (Save Me)
  • All Aboard
  • Always Change Your Locks (A Cautionary Tale) - Pri
  • Always Change Your Locks (A Cautionary Tale) - pri
  • Cemetery Tree
  • Contemplation
  • Dead in the City
  • End of Days
  • Forest of the Undead
  • Frolicking Amongst the Graves
  • Isolation
  • Loss of Innocence (print 1)
  • Loss of Innocence (print 2)
  • Loss of Innocence (print 3)
  • Michigan Central Station
  • Mine (print 1)
  • Mine (print 2)
  • Mine (print 3)
  • Save the Depot
  • Shards of Light
  • She's Dead (print 1)
  • She's Dead (print 2)
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