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Welcome to the American Frame Art Gallery, our online venue for artists and photographers who wish to archive and sell top quality reproductions of their work. There are a few tricks to optimizing the use of the gallery which we would like to share as you get started.

We're so glad you're part of it!
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Begin with a Strong Artist Profile
There is nothing like a well written and complete profile to make your gallery stand out online and help you connect with your new audience. We give you up to 2,000 characters to relay your personal story. Describe your artwork, your medium, your inspiration, background, aspirations and training. buyers like to get into the minds of the artists they admire, so use this opportunity to engage potential customers.
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Upload an Icon
It can be a picture of you or a snippet of one of your works. Whichever you choose, make sure it represents the way you want to be perceived in the marketplace. An empty icon makes a gallery look incomplete and uninviting.
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Use the 'Connect with Me' Feature
Use the gallery to help drive traffic to your personal web page, blog, Facebook page, Twitter feed or other online destination. This feature is meant to help you develop strong relationships with your buyers so be sure to input your preferred site to gain more subscribers and followers.
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Upload High Quality Images Suitable for Printing
Upload as many as you would like. We recommend up to 50, 50MB files. Each image can be marked either ‘public’ for unrestricted viewing or resale, or made ‘private’ for simple archiving of images for your own personal use. Keep in mind that public images are checked for both content and format by an American Frame team member before going live. This process can take up to 2-3 business days.
Images must be high quality printable digital files. We have several tutorials online describing the best way to photograph art for printing and preparing files for printing, as well as an in-house photographer available to assist you with photography or image preparation. Both artists and fine art photographers may find this information helpful.

See our Art Gallery Terms and Conditions
share your inspiration
share your inspiration
connect with your audience
get your work noticed
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Tag All Images with Keywords
Think about it. The Internet is flooded with digital works. How will yours be found? Keywords are crawled by search engines for serving up content to the public. We allow up to 200 characters to help you describe each image. Allow shoppers to search by title, subject, color, name, etc. Here is a great example of proper image tagging (need examples).
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Set a Price
We admit, pricing is not easy. It is a personal choice that will depend on your market and audience you wish to reach. Sometimes it's helpful to understand how other artists approach the pricing question. Whichever price you choose, know that you will always receive 100% of the price that you set as American Frame does not take any commissions. Please review the Terms & Conditions for information on payment processing.
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Pin, Post and Tweet Your Artwork
All galleries and images have social media icons attached. Use them to share new pieces as you load them and for continuously promoting your own work online. Here is a useful blog article that explains more.
Don't be shy! We are here to help. Contact us with any questions you have and we will gladly provide the support you need to get up and running online.