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Testimonials since August 2012 can now be found at

August 17, 2012

I just wanted to write a quick note and let you know how pleased my wife and I were with the quality, speed, and ease of our recent order (five frames). We were a little hesitant to order things sight unseen off the internet, but it is clear you take pride in your work. Everything was perfect.

Many thanks.

- Noah

Northampton, MA

August 16, 2012

Dear American Frame,

Thanks for the beautiful frame you sent me! It exceeded my expectations and the price is good!

Thanks again,

- Evelyn
Arlington MA

July 23, 2012

I have just received my order for four frames and I just wanted to let you know how totally pleased I am. This is my first experience with American Frame and I can tell you I will be back. I found your web site easy to use , the short time frame for producing and shipping is great , and everything arrived in beautiful shape do to your care in packaging.

Thanks for exceeding my

- Gene
Boynton Beach, FL

July 18, 2012

I just wanted to say "Thank You" for your extremely professional company, products, and shipping! I have been a customer for over 10 years, and I cannot say enough good things about your business. I am happy to recommend you to any friends and coworkers when the subject of framing and photography comes up. I couldn't be happier! If only all business were as amazing as you are.

- Kenneth
Sandy, UT

June 27, 2012

I received the acrylic glazing on Thursday,(to replace a damaged one sent to me last week.)I perfect condition and on time, as promised. I was able to finish framing my piece of art (a woven tapestry of an ancient Egyptian picture),and had it hung in time for an event at my home. It turned out beautifully !
I would like to thank you for your wonderful product and your great customer service, especially the "no hassle" replacement of the damaged piece. I received many compliments on my artwork and was more than happy to tell my guests about your company, the website, and the incredibly reasonable price.

Thanks so much.
- Russell
Mission, KS

June 25, 2012

Awesome, thanks! Glad to see a company understand the concept of customer service… you'd be surprised how many don't.

- Joe
Countryside, IL

June 22, 2012

Dear Sirs and Ma’ams:

Great job on my order of 2 custom frames with accessories! I had started shopping on one of your competitor’s sites, but wouldn’t trust them with my order because as I plugged in measurements on their website, they kept coming up with wrong calculations! They were going to have a mat opening bigger than the art!

So I tried your site, finding it extremely informative and helpful. When I began to plug in numbers, your calculations matched my own. I was framing 2 somewhat irregularly- sized Japanese watercolor scrolls, getting them to appear matched, and also trying to get the tiniest possible mat overlap along the edges so as not to obscure any of the painting. The measurements were extremely critical, and you created everything absolutely PERFECTLY.

The order arrived quickly, well-packed and in perfect condition. I received the frames earlier today and they are now on the wall displaying my art! Also you saved me over $600.00 (vs. giving the job to Michael’s)!

Kudos for your excellent work from a fellow Buckeye! I’d recommend your frame kits to anyone.

- Carla
Cincinnati OH

June 20, 2012

I’ve used American Frame since the early 1980’s when I attended BGSU School of Art. I fell in love with your frames and the wonderful service. As long as I’m still active in the arts, I’m sure I’ll be using American Frame!

- Sister Sharon
Sylvania OH

March 3, 2012

To American Frame,
Just wanted to say thank you! The frames arrived quickly, with all materials well packed, and the thank you note and coupon were a very kind gesture.
The walnut really brings out the depth of color in the prints! I will definitely be using your company for future framing needs, as well as recommending you to others.

Keep up the great work.

Washington DC

March 2, 2012

I wanted to say how pleased I was with the fast shipment of my recent custom order. I ordered on Monday and received it on Friday.
The frame is beautiful and the packaging of the item was terrific . I am very pleased with the quality and service as well as the reasonable price.

Thank you.

Sincerely, Mary
New Kensington, PA.

February 26, 2012

Thank you for always sending what I asked for, making it beautiful, packing it well, and sending it quickly. Wish I could depend on other businesses as reliably!

Wurtsboro, NY

February 25, 2012

Hi there

Since I was up against a show deadline and rushing to finish a painting, I decided to forego free shipping and pay for 3 day expedited shipping. Your site clearly states that expedited frames will be sent unassembled.

However, much to my delight, not only did my order arrive in 2 days, but also I found the frames already assembled! Now I can put that extra time into my art. Thank you very much.

I have used you for over ten years and have recommended you to all my students. I look forward to sharing this latest anecdote with them. You really know how to keep customers loyal.

Purdys, NY

February 16, 2012

Hi there

We just got our first piece printed and framed for a customer by you guys. It looks amazing, but the packing of the piece... I think it is the best I have ever seen.
I am very excited to work with you guys, we plan to have all of our pieces now framed and printed by you.

Thanks so much.

Boston, MA

February 3, 2012

Good morning!

I wanted to write to tell you thanks! I recently ordered 2 custom frames and I received them yesterday (so quickly!), and I was very impressed with not only the quality of the material, but the packaging and instructions. I have told all of my colleagues about your site, and will be telling my friends as well. Most of the places in town where we get framing done is SO expensive, and it was such a wonderful treat to be able to get my frame/mats exactly like I wanted and pay what the other places charge for mounting only!

Thank you!

Huntsville, AL

January 31, 2012

I am writing to say thank you.

I have been using your frames for 5 or 6 years to frame almost all of my artwork and I have been very pleased with the product and the service.

Several months ago I placed an order, but did not get around to framing the last piece until a week or so ago. One of the mattes was cut too large. After I placed my most recent order on-line, I called and talked to your rep about the miss-cut matte. She pointed out that you have policy of 30 day notice on returns. I said OK and placed an order for a new matte. After I received the order, I opened it the next day and inventoried it, as I will do in the future. I was pleased to find that I was not charged for the replacement matte, so now- A Special Thank You.

Your product quality and your service (and your excellent packing of the shipments) are the reasons I recommend you to all of those that take my workshops and anyone that ask me about framing .

All the best,
Fort Worth, TX

January 16, 2012

Good evening!

I just wanted to let you know that I received my order today (my second order from American Frame) and I am beyond thrilled with the quality of the print! It is to be a gift and it looks just like my original painting, albeit a bit smaller as the original was 11x14 rather than 8x10. I also am very very impressed with how you package your shipments, there’s not a chance that what’s inside can get damaged. It arrived looking like a valuable piece of art was inside!

Many thanks to you, I will definitely “be back” and will also highly recommend your to my fellow art friends!

Le Mars, IA

December 20, 2011

Just a short email to thank you for the superb service and workmanship on the
framing of the electronic image I recently sent you. Job well done!

Bismarck, ND

December 15, 2011

Dear Wonderful People at American Frame,

Last Friday night (just 6 days ago) I walked into my local AC Moore with an article I wanted to be custom framed for a Christmas gift. There was one person working in the framing department on a Friday night, 3 weeks before Christmas. That one person was waiting on someone when I arrived. To make a long story short, an hour later I walked out because no one had waited on me and it was not going to happen anytime soon. I thought about going to Michaels but drove home instead.

I jumped right on the computer when I got home and googled "20 X 20 wooden frame." Your name came up and in about 30 minutes I had placed my first order with you. Your site is very user friendly and I LOVE the tutorials. I wasn't sure what was going to arrive in the mail but when I see a site that is done with such quality I have to figure that is indicative of everything else that company does. I was right. My package arrived today and I couldn't wait to put this thing together. I was impressed with everything!! The quality for the price, the free and quick shipping, and the packaging were all over the top. I have already told everyone I know about you! It's kinda like when you find a really great restaurant--you want to brag about it. I'm am looking at my completed project as I type this. It looks fantastic! I can't wait for Christmas to give it to my nephew. I am trying to think of what else I can get framed now! Thank you for being EXCELLENT at what you do!


Somers Point, NJ

December 13, 2011

American Frame,

I want to express my thanks for your unbelievable efficiency and willingness to go above and beyond. I ordered a very urgent frame set one week before my deadline, and was told on the phone that though normally this was a very reasonable timeline, with the holiday delays for packaging and shipping, I might miss my deadline by a day or two. But I sent a note along with my order, and hoped! True to your reputation you took my note into consideration; not only was my package here in time for my deadline, it came in just three days!!! I am so very grateful for your personal consideration and efficiency!

Thank you, thank you, I will be using you again.

St Paul, MN

December 13, 2011

First I want to thank you personally for your help in expediting the frames I needed for that exhibition opening at the Museum of Northern Arizona in Flagstaff, that I had coming up. Even though I ordered the frames on Friday while I was still on that shoot in Acadia National Park they somehow miraculously appeared at my door on Wednesday just a few hours after I arrived back in Ohio. I am deeply grateful for all everyone did there to turn them around so quickly, A big thanks to you and all the great folks at Am. Frame.

With best wishes to everyone at American Frame for a peaceful and joyous holiday season.

Columbus, OH

December 4, 2011

Hello – I received my order this week and I just wanted to tell you how pleased I am! The (image) retouching exceeded my expectations, the frame is beautiful and great quality and the matting colors are as they appeared on screen, so the whole piece is just as I hoped it would be.

I've told everyone I know about your services and the quality of your materials – there is no reason to ever frame a piece of art anywhere else!

Thank you!
Cross River, NY

September 28, 2011

I meant to write sooner to thank you for your excellent customer service and a great product.

Lafayette, CO

September 18, 2011

Thank you for a fast service and a good value as well as meticulously packed supplies and material. Please forward my appreciation to "Sue" who signed my invoice.

Groton, Ct

September 15, 2011

Dear American Frame,

I recently completed my third order with you guys and I find it hard to believe the quality and service that you provide at such an affordable price point. Several months ago I got a picture framed at Fast Frame for $250 and I had to wait 3 days. I have that picture hanging on the wall next to a similar picture I got printed at framed at American Frame for less than $100 and delivered in 3 days. I do not understand why anyone would get their picture framed at a local shop anymore.

Your process is simple enough so that my elderly dad is able to order things himself, yet the depth of options is enough to suit any need I can imagine.

Good work, I hope it is paying off for you all.

Chicago, IL

September 2, 2011

AF, I want to thank you. I recieved my mat order. Everything was perfect! My old (heirloom) watercolors look beautiful!!! And at minimum cost!!! I will use you again and pass your name on to others!

Thanks again!!!
Pittsgrove, NJ

September 2, 2011

Dear American Frame,

Let me just say that your company is amazing. I'm a watercolor artist and my husband is a photographer, so between the two of us, we've ordered a lot of frames! Every order has been perfect, the frames are in pristine condition, the mats, glass and backing is cut perfectly.
So, thank you for producing a great product that arrives quickly, is easy to assemble and saves me a ton of money because I can do it myself. My first art exhibition was a huge success partly because my frames were so beautiful!
I also LOVE the feature on your website where you can add your artwork and view it in multiple frames and matting before purchasing it. What a phenomenal tool that is.
Anyhow, just wanted to let everyone there know how much I like your company. I recommend American Frames frequently!

Kind Regards,

Raleigh, NC

August 28, 2011

Just a quick thanks for your great products and great service. I've been buying frames from you for years and I've never had a problem. I've always been happy with the quality.

Keep up the good work!

Covelo, CA

August 8, 2011

I discovered American Frame online while looking for some less expensive options for custom framing some large prints that a friend had done for my boyfriends new office. He works at a law firm so we needed something that at least looked expensive even if it wasn't :-)
American Frame's website was extremely user friendly and the products were SO affordable! I really appreciated that if the customer was willing to put in a little work (attaching hanging hardware, putting the pieces together), that you could get quality materials for a reasonable price!
Customer service was also excellent -- they did not have my requested mat in stock so they emailed me the day after I placed my order letting me know and suggesting a replacement. I took their suggestion and in less than a week I had the frames at my door. For free shipping that's not bad at all!
The frames were extremely easy to assemble with great instructions and look amazing. Even the plexiglass (they do not ship glass) looks stellar and you would never know it's not glass. I will DEFINITELY do business with American Frame again!

Manhattan, NY

July 28, 2011

Dear sirs/Madames:
I am a co-director of a co-op, not-for-profit gallery in upstate New York. I was really excited years ago when I found that I could download my photographs of my paintings and insert them into one or all of your frames on line. As you may have heard, New York is one of the most taxed states in the nation. The economy has driven employees of state and government out of jobs; even during this economic disaster we are selling more now than ever before. I am writing to let you know that I get the most wonderful compliments on my framing choices from customers. They say it’s as though the frame was just “made” for the painting. Even though it takes me weeks to figure out which frame is the “perfect” one for my painting, it “is” working.

Just a note to say “Thank You” to your staff for putting it all together for me.

Castleton, NY

July 28, 2011

Dear sirs/Madames:
I am a co-director of a co-op, not-for-profit gallery in upstate New York. I was really excited years ago when I found that I could download my photographs of my paintings and insert them into one or all of your frames on line. As you may have heard, New York is one of the most taxed states in the nation. The economy has driven employees of state and government out of jobs; even during this economic disaster we are selling more now than ever before. I am writing to let you know that I get the most wonderful compliments on my framing choices from customers. They say it’s as though the frame was just “made” for the painting. Even though it takes me weeks to figure out which frame is the “perfect” one for my painting, it “is” working.

Just a note to say “Thank You” to your staff for putting it all together for me.

Castleton, NY

April21, 2011

Extremely satisfied customer after multiple orders.

The web site is very easy to work with. You can select frame material/style/matting/glazing and view various combinations for price and appearance. Orders arrive quickly. The frames and materials are securely packed and will show up in good shape. Prices are reasonable and shipping is free for orders over $50.

Saint Paul, MN

Valerie, I just wanted to take this opportunity to sincerely thank you and your staff for all of your help in expediting my recent order. Due to a last minute fundraising client request I had very little lead time. I received my order today, ahead of schedule I might add, and everything was just perfect! Everything from your help in expediting my order, selecting alternatives to some out of stock items, the printing and framing quality, and even the packaging were handled with the utmost care. Just another reminder of why I am a returning customer. Thanks again for all of your help.


Amherst, OH

I just received an order from you and I wanted to let you know I am delighted with your service and products. I prefer to do my framing work myself in order to save a little money, and the selection and options you offer, with reasonable prices, are terrific. Your company packed everything very carefully for shipping and the website made it very easy to specify what I wanted. Obviously it doesn’t replace going to a store with the artwork and looking at options, but you come very close, and the convenience is terrific. My only comment would be that one of the frames I ordered was a Techline-Graphite Swirl. The picture didn’t do it justice. In person, the frame looks much better than I realized, and it happens to be perfect for the item I was framing. I’ll definitely use you again, and I thought you might like to hear how pleased I am.

Thanks very much,

Brooklyn, NY

My frame and supplies arrived today...way before I expected them. Absolutely perfect!! You all do such a good job. And, in this day and age, that is amazing. I didn't know exactly from the picture if that was the best choice, but it sure was. I have ordered a couple years ago too and everything was perfect then too. Just thought I should tell you how pleased I am with everything I have ordered from you.

Thank each and every one of you.

, SD

Thank you for the great service. My frame order arrived on time and in perfect condition. You put a very nice framing package together. I will be a return customer for sure. Your WEB site is also very easy to navigate, nice job.


Bend, OR

A couple months back, I had a great experience with American Frame. Thanks so much to Debby for her invaluable assistance and guidance. I look forward to ordering with you again soon!
Thank you!

New York, NY

I just wanted to let you know that I stumbled across your website online a while ago and never pulled the trigger to buy your products until recently. I design/print/collect concert posters and I am also a photographer who has a plethora of items to frame. I ordered my first frame a couple weeks ago and everything arrived packaged well and in great condition. I cut my own mattes to save a few bucks but I was really happy with the frame lengths and the uv non-glare plexi. The quick turnaround was great and I was so impressed that I ordered another frame that shipped today. I'll shoot over some photos of the framed items when I can snap a couple.
Thanks again,

Chicago, IL

Just a quick note to say that this is my second order with you (ordered three 24 x 36 cut mats a couple weeks ago) and could not be happier. Before finding your website I used to go to my local Michael's and they would charge almost $40 per cut mat (that's just for one!) and it would take them 2 weeks to get it to me, even though they say they do them inhouse. I order from you and the mat is in my hands in about a week for close to half what I was paying before (shipping included) . Thanks!

Take care,

Pottstown, PA

Dear American Frame,

I ordered three frames from you last week, the first time I have used your service. I am completely pleased with how easy the website was to use, how quickly everything arrived, how beautifully it was packaged, the quality of the materials, and the ease with which everything came together. All that - and I got three framed pieces of art for the same price I'd get taking just one piece to the local frame store (and waiting for a month...)
Thanks so much. I will be ordering again!

Best regards,

Longmont, CO

I have just received my first order from American Frame, and I am delighted!

I had looked at other online framing companies before deciding to try American Frame. I chose American Frame for four reasons. First, I liked the selection of Nielsen metal frames you offered plus mats, glass, acrylic, supplies etc. You had everything I needed to get started framing my photographs. Second, you promised to ship my order within two business days unlike other companies that were quoting weeks to fulfill my small order. Third, your website was easy to navigate, and checkout was seamless. Fourth, your pricing was very competitive. Even with UPS shipping charges, the total cost of my order was the best around.

I ordered two Nielsen metal frames and two sheets of acrylic from your website on Monday, Jan. 3. Because this was my first experience with your company, I also talked to a customer service rep who answered all my questions patiently and completely. With her help I felt confident enough to proceed, so I placed my order. My invoice number was 7296xxx-1.

I received an email confirmation on Wednesday, Jan. 5, that my order had shipped. You provided a UPS tracking number. Your customer service rep had estimated that I would receive my order here in Massachusetts in two days via UPS Ground. Sure enough, on Friday afternoon, Jan. 7, my order was delivered safe and sound to my doorstep. I was impressed.

But my delight did not stop there. I was really impressed with how you had packed and wrapped my order. It was phenomenal. I had a ball unpacking the order and seeing how carefully you had attended to it. Attention to these details means a lot to me because it indicates that you probably took the same care throughout the entire fulfillment process. The order was complete; the frames, acrylic and frame hardware were correct and cut precisely to my specs; a copy of the invoice and framing instructions were thoughtfully included. Perfect!

You have exceeded my expectations!
Yarmouthport, MA

Look no further for all your framing needs ! Top quality products, low prices, LOCALLY OWNED and YES- they actually know what they are doing! If you are lucky enough to live in the Toledo area, stop by the showroom, hang out with the artists, which are staff and customers alike- it will get your creative juices flowing!

via Facebook

Wow! Thanks guys, fastest shipment delivery yet! I'll upload photos of the art in frames when they are hung on the wall :)

via Facebook

How do I express my views about my recent order? Unbelievable quality, fantastic prices, superb packaging, constant communication. I should go on, but you probably hear this so often it is not unique. Thanks for all of your effort and wonderful products.

Happy Holidays,

Beaumont, CA

I just received my framing materials and I wanted to let you know how happy I am with them. They are all of the highest quality. The mats look beautiful and the frame is better than I expected for such a great price. Everything was packed really well and arrived safely. I will definitely use you again for my framing needs.

Cape May Court, NJ

A big thanks to Joanne, Becky, the shipping crew, and everyone else who worked on my order to ensure I received it accurately and on time. You guys are the best! This just serves to remind me (yet again) why I dumped my old framing supplier a couple of years ago. :)

via Facebook


First, I want to thank you for your prompt attention to the production and shipment of my order. I could not be more pleased.

Second, I want you to know that I am also extremely pleased with the quality and attention to detail of my frame. It is extremely nice and so rich looking.

I will remember American Frame for future purchases. I will also recommend you to all my friends. I have already received many compliments on my frame.

Have a nice holiday season.

Louisville, KY

Got my order yesterday and Wow! I was extremely pleased with it. I wish now I had ordered two. As soon as I have more time I will be placing another order. Just wanted to let you know I was extremely pleased with the quality of the frame and mats.

Somerset, PA

I sure do appreciate the way you guys package your stuff. So safely incased in the package - Bullet proof! The best I've ever encountered. I never have to worry about damage when I order from you. Thanks.

Loves Park, IL

I just received my order from you and I just wanted to
tell you that you continue to be amazing. My prints
are gorgeous.. It’s hard to tell them from the
originals and the framing is excellent. You make
things so easy. I have been telling everyone to check
out your website. Thanks again and Happy Holidays to
all of you.

Scotia, NY

I just wanted to thank you so much for the frame. It was packed really nicely, and assembled easily. My art looks amazing in it, and I am so thankful. I tried to get it framed other places and it was at least double the price, and now I don't have to ship glass to my sister, which would have been much more dangerous and very heavy. What a great product you offer.

Thanks a bunch.
Newport Beach, CA

Thanks for letting me know that my order did reach you correctly and that you took the time to check it out for me. As indicated In my notes, it sure was a pleasure to do business with you. The patience and professionalism you showed to me is becoming more and more rare these days. I hope you will be properly commended by your superiors. If there is ever a problem with my orders in the future, I will turn to you for help. Thanks, again, for being there.
Best wishes and Happy Thanksgiving.

Largo, FL

Wow! The frame arrived Dec 28 and the results are most gratifying. Thank you for the ease of ordering through the website, your prompt service, meticulous attention to packing, and framing components that assembled easily. A quality product at a great price. I'll be sure to recommend you to others!

Iowa City, IA

I just wanted to drop you a note about working with these two ladies (Laura and Lisa). I call in to American Frame a minimum of twice a week and quite often get them on the line. They are both so pleasant to talk to. They are such down-to-earth people and very helpful. As a buyer, I talk to many people in the course of my work week and it is always a pleasure to call American Frame and get one of these two ladies on the line. It certainly breaks up the monotony of the job when you get a friendly (but still professional) person on the other end of the phone. I just wanted to share this with you as I feel they are such an asset to American Frame and to me as a customer. My thanks to Laura and Lisa.
Happy New Year!!!
Cleveland, Ohio

I received my order in a timely fashion and I am extremely pleased with the look and quality of my frame.
Thank you very much for the great product and service.

Ann Arbor, MI

Hi everyone… Thanks so much for all your great help to get my 10 frames for one of the best X-Mas gifts ever. My son has been collecting Pearl Jam posters for 10 years and never had them framed because of the cost. They just hang on foam core, but… you all made ordering frames a complete pleasure and it was so affordable. You can tell I’ll be recommending your services.
HAPPY 2008, your new best customer.

Lyndhurst, OH

We just wanted to let you know how happy we are with our recent orders. The quality of your frames greatly exceeded our expectations and your fast delivery was outstanding. You were recommended to us by a new customer of ours and a competitor of yours (a frame shop that is too far away and too small to meet our needs). We have been using another volume competitor of yours for the last three years and the quality of your frames were simply superior. Thank you and we look forward to many future orders!

Jerry & Colleen
Urbandale, IA