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Expert Articles on Printing Your Artwork & Photography

At American Frame we have a passion for printing and also for teaching what we know. We’ve been doing this since 2003, and in that time we’ve gained a lot of expertise and we’d like to share. If you have any questions about photo printing, art printing or giclee printing online, these articles may be helpful.

If you have questions relating to a particular project and need ‘one on one’ expert assistance, printing questions can always be directed to our in-house experts at

Read, learn, share and enjoy!


Art and Photo Printing for the Professional:
Print to Canvas

Printing on Plexiglas and Aluminum

Giclee Printing Delivers High Quality & Flexibility for Digital Art and Photography

5 Steps to Fine Art Printing from Your Digital Photographs

Monitor Calibration- An In Depth Review of Monitor Calibration Software

Soft Proofing Your Image Before You Print

Printing Profile Installation Instructions


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