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Frequently Asked Questions - Framing

With so many frame styles, how do I know which one to choose?
This is custom framing, so trust your instincts and let your own tastes shine through. Understanding the purpose of your frame treatment is always helpful in directing material and style choices. Also consider the environment in which the art will be displayed. Are you framing for your home or for resale? Does the art work warrant the use of archival materials or is it a fun piece that you may display for a few years then change out? If you’re not sure, keep your project simple with a classic gallery style black profile in wood or metal with a wide neutral mat board and branch out from there. Still stuck? Contact us and we’ll be happy to assist you.
How can I purchase frames only on your site?
If you are a frequent framer and know the item number of the frame style you’d like, try our proQuickShop™ interface. Simply enter the product code at the prompt and you will be taken to a custom workflow. Other materials such as mat boards, acrylic and mounting boards can be added (or not) once you’re there.
If you need to browse our collections before purchasing, first select a frame and you will be taken to a workflow with the frame, a default mat board, mounting board and acrylic included as a kit. Use the ‘remove’ option at the cost detail level to eliminate any unwanted products.
How do I properly size my frame treatment? By ‘art size’ or ‘frame size’?
Order by ‘art size’ when you want the drawing, painting or photograph you’ve produced to dictate the size of the frame treatment. Choose a frame and when you enter the workflow, input the exact measurements, width and height, of the artwork. These dimensions will stay constant throughout the design and ordering process. With this option, the outside measurements of the frame will adjust with the mat board and frame choices you make and will be displayed under the graphic of your frame design to the left side of the screen as you proceed through the steps.
The other way to order is by frame size. Enter dimensions of the frame you want to create. These dimensions will stay static throughout the design process. The actual outside frame dimensions will vary with the width of the frame you choose. These outside dimensions will always be displayed for your reference to the left of your screen under the visual of your design. This is a useful feature for those who may be trying to fill a certain area of wall space with custom framed art.
Are my materials too thick for the picture frame?
For each style of frame, we provide a frame detail page showing a profile illustration with important measurements. The frame detail is accessed by clicking on the magnifier icon at the collection level before entering the design workflow. Before ordering a frame, it is important to know the total thickness of your artwork, acrylic sheet, mat boards and mounting boards you are framing. Once you have that measurement, compare it with the "rabbet depth" displayed in the illustration. If the total thickness of your materials is less than the rabbet depth, your artwork will fit inside the frame.
Can you cut fractions?
Absolutely! We cut all materials to the 1/16th of an inch, ensuring a perfect fit for every frame.
Should I use a mat?
Many people look at mat boards strictly for their aesthetic qualities, but mats do serve a purpose beyond visual appeal. In fact, the primary purpose of a mat is to protect artwork from damage over time by creating space between the art and the acrylic sheet or glazing for air to circulate within the frame treatment. It also provides a structure for hinging or securing the art within the frame. What else do mats do? They help draw the viewer’s eye into the picture while providing a visual transition between the art and the frame itself.
Our mat board collection ranges from economy to archival, providing a range of protection and flair suited to your particular framing needs.
How do I determine my mat border size?
This is a matter of personal taste and will be dictated by what you are trying to accomplish with your frame design. Are you trying to make a small image large or constrain a larger piece of art to fit within a smaller space? Most mats range in width from 2” for smaller pieces to 5” for items that are a bit more substantial. To assist you, we have programmed in a default mat border of 2” within our online frame design tool as a starting point where you can preview your work during the ordering process. This measurement can be adjusted to fit your desired art size and budget constraints.
I would like to see your materials before I order. Do you provide samples?
Yes, there are two ways to receive samples. We provide free 2” sample chips of all of our frames and mat boards. These can be ordered in quantities up to 10 at a time. Frame sample orders can be placed directly online at the product level detail pages accessed by clicking on the magnifier icon at the product level display before entering the workflow. For a small fee, corner samples can be purchased as well. Mat board samples can also be ordered individually from each product level detail page or in full sets. Prefer personal assistance? Contact us and we’ll happily take care of your request.
Are there any price breaks for volume orders?
Our volume discount structure is as follows and is programmed into the website.
12 - 24: 5%
25 - 124: 10%
125 - 249: 12%
250 - 499: 15%
500 - 999: 18%
1000 or over: 20%
Also, be sure to apply any current coupon codes that might help you reduce your total cost at checkout. These will give you extra savings over and above your volume discount.
Is assembly hardware included with my order?
Yes, all assembly hardware you will need is included with each frame. Hanging wire is not included and can be purchased as an accessory. For framing larger works of art, over 20 x 30, extra assembly hardware may be recommended. Additional spring clips for metal frames will help keep the work more secure.
When will my order ship?
We generally ship within 2-3 business days of receiving your order. When calculating your total lead time, please consider UPS shipping time to your location in addition to production lead time. Shipping policy.
What other tools do you recommend for framing?
We believe that with the right tools, DIY picture framing is easy and delivers professional results. Although all one really needs is a clean work surface, a screwdriver, hammer and wire snips, there are other tools and accessories that are useful and make the process more enjoyable. To assist, we’ve created an Essentials Tool Kit for novice framers that includes acrylic cleaning supplies, a static whisk brush and a basic framing tape. Frequent framers may want to stock up on a variety of acid free linen tapes and frame finishing supplies. The purchase of a point driver may be appropriate for securing work within frames that are much deeper than the thickness of your artwork in order to avoid having to backfill the frame with extra boards. Whatever your skill level, consult our How-to page for a full range of tutorials and blog articles covering picture framing techniques and tools.

Do you sell collage picture frames?

We sell 'Gallery Perfect' Wall Collage frames

We also can create custom collage picture frames with a little help from you. What makes a collage frame is the mat board with multiple openings. You can reference this blog post for details on how to create a mat board with multiple openings

Still have questions about framing?? Contact us. We look forward to assisting you.