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White Picture Frame

Look in any high fashion art or interior decor publication and you see that light or white picture frames are very important in today's interiors. Use with an extra wide mat board or float your work using spacers to push the look to its fullest.
White Picture Frame
H: 3/4"     W: 1 1/2"     R: 1/2"
H: 1 3/16"     W: 7/8"     R: 1 "
H: 3/4"     W: 3/4"     R: 1/2"
H: 1 3/8"     W: 1 1/2"     R: 1 "
H: 3/4"     W: 3/4"     R: 1/2"
H: 3/4"     W: 2 7/8"     R: 1/2"
H: 1 1/4" W: 2 " R: 15/16"

Light and white wood frames have the unique ability to add style and appeal in a way that they will contribute without actually being noticed by the eye.  Framing in a light color allows each of the shades in a piece to pop, or allows you to make a true statement with the mat or mats that you select to complement the piece.

White and light picture frames can be made to look like statement pieces if they will be used as a part of décor in a brightly or darkly colored room.  Among the most appealing features of these options is that they are exceptionally flexible in the type of look that they can achieve and in the space that they will suit.