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Wood Picture Frame Colors

The colors you choose for your framing treatment affects the way your artwork is perceived. Black frames are always sophisticated. Wood tones add warmth to your picture. Choose silvers or golds for dressy or casual elegance. Lighter frames give your art the impression of floating on the wall once displayed. When you browse by Color, you may be surprised with the possibilities.
Color frames can help to add an additional finish to a perfectly balanced piece of artwork, or can give you the ability to draw out a specific color from the piece and encourage it to stand out above the rest. You will be able to use your wood picture frame colors to change the very mood of your piece.  Soften or embolden the statement made by the painting or piece simply by choosing the right color of frame.

Metallic colors have always been associated with classic elegance.  They’re connected with royalty, weddings, and other important events and functions throughout our lives, but can also make your framing treatment a little (or a lot) showier.

Keep your mind open and be sure to upload an image of your artwork so that you can have a look at the way different types of wood picture frame colors will impact the feeling, style and impact of your display.  Have fun with it and allow yourself to enjoy some unexpected combinations.