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Linen Liners

Decorative. Functional. We like the way Linen Liner offers a subtle architectural element for your artwork and a practical alternative to matting. Historically used with oil paintings, the liner fits between your artwork and the frame. Ultimately, a clever border on any artwork. Available with both bright white and natural linen.
Linen liners are elegant, classic, and highly practical, and our selection provides you with a very high quality options.  These components of your framing treatment are both decorative and functional.  While it may not stand out in a highly dramatic way – in that the viewer may not look at the piece and notice this part of the framing treatment – it does contribute to the final appearance in a restrained but very significant way.

Before making your final decision, be sure to preview the piece to compare the colors.  You may be surprised at the result that you will be able to achieve with a shade that you least expected to suit your treatment. For more information, be sure to consult the How To section of this website for helpful tutorials and videos that will inform and inspire you.