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Securing Your Artwork

Properly securing your materials is effortless with these expert tools. If you do a lot of framing or desire a professional finished appearance, consider using tools that maximize your framing experience and your results.
Keeping your materials in place is a vital part of the overall framing process.  It is important to making sure that each piece is properly held into place while you are laying it out for framing, as well as to make sure that it stays put once it has been secured within the picture frame.

Among the various tools that we offer for securing your artwork are: points, point drivers, point removers, canvas frame clips, and frame clip tools.  All of these provide the ideal solutions to making sure that all of the various elements of your framing treatment will stay exactly where you want them to, without damaging them, the frame, the artwork, or even the wall on which it will be hung.

To learn more about how you can best go about securing your artwork, don’t forget to check out the How-To section of this website.  It is filled with articles, tutorials, and videos that will give you the instructions that you need to do things as quickly, easily, and effectively as possible, and to create the most successful display for your artwork. You’ll be proud to hang the finished project, or to give it as an important gift to friends, family, and others.